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Mexico, a beautiful country of southern North America and the third-largest in Latin America, after Brazil and Argentina is well known for its diversified culture and mesmerizing natural wonders. With a humid environment, it is becoming a more popular vacation destination among Europeans and Americans.  The Country has endless sunshine stunning scenery, astonishingly beautiful beaches, historical ruins, and many natural parks. Being culturally rich, Mexico is one the richest in Wildlife in North America, encompassing everything from deserts to lush tropical rainforests. When it comes to Mexico people often think about the all-inclusive beach resorts of Cancun and Cozumel. But they are far away from real Mexico.  For a comfortable stay, there are various types of Vacation home Rentals are available in Mexico suiting the demands and budgets of the tourists.

Why Mexico?

Beyond the beaches, Mexico offers a great tourism pleasure to its tourists with a vast array of natural and man-made attractions. Mexico is culturally rich and famous for its renowned historic sites, and luscious traditional Culinary creation.

Things to do in Mexico

Undoubtedly, Mexico is one of the best country to plan a vacation. It has everything you want from a tropical country. Below are the must-to-dos while vacationing in Mexico.

  • Beaches of Riviera Maya and Cancun: Cancun is the heart of Mexico. This splendid region on the tip of Yucatan Peninsula attracts a plethora of touristsaroud the globe. It boasts an endless list of fun things to do, such as snorkeling, dolphins and stingray swims, scuba diving, and a humongous collection of the spectacular museum.
  • Ride El Chepe: One of the greatest rail journeys, El Chepe runs in Northwest Mexico. Riding El Chepe into Coppor Canyons is the main reason to come this way.
  • A trip to Cabo San Lucas: Referred as “Cabo,” is one of Mexico’s top beaches. At the Southernost tip of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo is attracting voyagers for decades. This 30 KM long prestine beach is famous for its soft white sand, clear turquoise water, and water adventure.
  • Get arty in Mexico City: A lively, thring city, is the world’s most underrated capital. Mexico City is the cultural heart of Mexico with an incredible number of impressive museums, world-class art galleries, and attractions. You'll discover the greater part of Mexico City's significant attractions, within the walking distance of Constitution Square (Plaza de la Constitución).
  • The Mayan Metropolis: A famous trip for those exploring the Yucatán capital of Mérida, the heavenly Mayan city of ChichénItzá is one of Mexico's most visited archeological sites, just as one of the greatest and best restored.
  • Guanajuato: Assigned a UNESCO World Heritage Site on account of its numerous old colonial structures, winding paths, and alleys, Guanajuato is a city that simply asks to be explored by walking.  An especially pleasurable experience is visiting its numerous plazas, including the brilliant Jardin de la Union, the city's main square with its breathtaking old architecture. It's here, you'll track down the wonderful old San Diego Church and the lofty Juárez Theater, alongside wellsprings and bloom beds, bistros, and cafés.
  • A Shot of Taquila: A trip to Mexico is incomplete without a shot of Mexican Taquila. Feeling lost and fuzzy-headed in tequila could be the best thing a party animal can do while on a trip to Mexico. It is worth mentioning that tequila is a far better drink than the chep drinks often offers at British Parties. Serious tequila makers are a bit miffed that people use salt and lime to mask the taste of something they’ve worked hard on. 
  • Cozumel: Enjoying the water life of Cozumel is the best thing Mexico is offerung to its explorers. The Island has everything you need from tropical get-aways. The unmateched diving experience around coral reefs is the main attraction here.
  • The Colonial sites of Guadalajara: The state capital of Jalisco has successfully conserved its unique mix of colonial and Spanish influences.
  • Feel the real Mexico in Oaxaca: The city is one of the most famous travel destinations in Mexicofor travelers seeking the real taste of Mexico. With its unspoiled city center and old architecture, the city has become a cultural hub that draws crowds for its numerous events and festivals.
  • Evergreen Chiapas: The southernmost state of Mexico, bordering Guatemala, Chapas is one the least visited state. The state is filled with roaring rivers, lush green rainforests, mountaineous Highlands, and colorful Spanish Colonial towns.
  • Trek Sierra Mountain: trekking in the Sierra Norte Mountain is an unmatched experience and fascinating place, and the best way to experience these “Pueblos Manucommunandos” is by hiking between them with a local guide.

Best time to visit Mexico

Mexico is the perfect vacation destination year-round. But if you don’t want to carry an umbrella try avoiding August to October. This is when the rainfall is heaviest. The coolest months are between December and February, although temperatures can still reach averages of 28°C during the dry season. Mexico could be crowded during this season.

How to visit Mexico

Mexico can be easily visited from any corner of the world effortlessly. It is much easier and quicker to visit Mexico by Plane. There are plenty of direct flights to Mexico. Several direct flights run to Mexico City and Cancun from  USA, Canada, London, and Birmingham, though you’ll have to change planes if you fly anywhere else. Mexico City International Airport, Cancún International Airport, Guadalajara International Airport, Monterrey International Airport, and Del Bajío International Airport are the most popular airports in Mexico. Buses, cabs, and cars the local means of transport.

Vacation rentals in Mexico

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