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California Vacation Rentals

California is a famous touristy destination in terms of beaches, mountains, farmland and deserts. The weather remaining sunny year- round is its plus point that makes it the apple of most tourists’ eyes. Los Angeles and San Francisco are the principal cities in this state, which are famous for the ostentatious and glamorous lifestyles of people. The must-see attractions are Central Valley farmland, the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Redwood forest. Finding vacation home rentals in California is quite easy as they are located near the beaches.  Overall, it is a perfect destination for a family vacation.

The Stars of California

California did not get name and fame overnight. It boasts some attractions, which have made it a must-see destination. The chief ones include the following:

Coronado Beach: It is one of the most attractive beaches in California. It is a right place for sun basking, surfing and listening to the sounds of seagulls. Soccer, volleyball and Frisbees are common sports played by tourists.

La Jolla: It is an ideal beach for those, who are fond of seeing unique landscapes and coves. It has a wonderful underwater park, where tourists can view the marine life. The world-famous attractions— Stephen Birch Aquarium Museum and Scripps Institute of Oceanography—are located here.

Santa Monica Beach: It is a perfect beach for a family vacation as there are lots of leisure activities to be enjoyed on it. A sunset Ferris wheel ride is one of them that enables any individual to have oceanic views along with his or her family members. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, it boasts wide sandy areas, where tourists can go for beachfront relaxation. Interestingly, many television shows and movies have featured this beach.

Cardiff State Beach: In comparison to other California beaches, it is less crowded and quieter. So, it is an appropriate destination for those, who are scared of being elbowed in a crowd. There are many free public restrooms on it for the relaxation of tourists. Leisure activities include kayaking, surfing, swimming, fishing and sunbathing. There are many Mexican restaurants located on it that serve different types of seafoods to tourists.

Newport Beach: It is famous with regard to the Balboa Pavilion and Fun Zone. Located between Los Angeles and San Diego, it offers many delightful activities to tourists— bodysurfing, scuba diving, boating, etc. There are also many local restaurants that serve seafoods to tourists.  

Oceanside City Beach: This beach abounds with numerous palm trees. The tranquil ambience so created allows tourists to enjoy strolling along the beach. Those, who are fond of cycling, can rent a cycle to do cycling. Those, who enjoy adventurous activities, can go for rollerblading and fishing.

Eye-Catching Destinations

Lake Tahoe: It is the largest lake in North America. It is famous with regard to crystal clear water and panoramic views of mountains located around. Here, summer outdoor recreational activities and winter sports are common.

Big Sur: It is located in the Central Coast of California. It boasts two national wilderness areas and many state parks. Its landscapes are amazing and spectacular for those, who are fond of seeing the scenic beauty of nature.  Backpacking and hiking are two common activities here.

Disneyland: It is a favorite destination for tourists coming from all over the world. It depicts the culture and rich history of California. Tourists come to visit it year-round. However, the best time to visit it is from January to February, when it is less crowded and prices are comparatively low.

Napa Valley: It is one of the most popular destinations in California and a world-famous wine area. It is famous with regard to spa-treatment centers, cafes and gourmet restaurants.

Availability of Vacation Rentals in California

In terms of accommodations in California, it is suggested that tourists contact Find American Rentals, one of the best vacation rentals by owner.  It books various types of no booking fee vacation rentals —condos, apartments, cottages, cabins and chalets—for the comfortable stay of tourists.  The facilities include a living room, a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen and a parking. The amenities include Hi-Wi, Internet, DVD player and TV/Cable.

Vacation villa rentals are better for those, who come to enjoy their vacations with their families. The reason is that they are more spacious and accommodating than other rentals.