Looking for the best websites to list your property, congratulations! You are at the right place. Because today we are here, with the top 10 vacation rental homes websites by owner, where listing your property can give you more inquiries of renters along with great amount of business as well. But before telling you about these websites, merits and demerits of promoting your vacation rental property with them, let us discuss about the today scenario of vacation rental market, which will help you to choose wisely, as every situation come with a pros and cons with it, and vacation rental market is also the part of it.

Well, vacation rental market is at its boom, every day new ventures are taking place here, people are doing maximum of efforts to promote their property listings on the top, but like any other industry big markets players is also present here, which merge themselves and add smaller brands or ventures to their portfolio, such as Home away, VRBO, Trip advisor etc. listing your vacation rental property with them can definitely give you profits, as these comes on the top listings of, along with that, they are promoting their businesses in all across the world.

But there are also some flaws of promoting your businesses with them, because they merge small ventures with them, so what happen is that, if you are promoting your business with some new venture, and you had good control on choosing the price of the property, now after merging with these sites what may happen that, the rent of your rental property can go up, but enquiries can get down, as these vacation rental website has billions of properties in their listings, so it is not necessary to take some individual property on the top, even your property is good  and luxurious enough and providing every amenity.

Apart from that, you can also feel lack of control, as big market players have their own set of rules and regulations. But on the other hand it is also true that, these are coming on top rankings of, and your visitors trust more than anything, so you can also do the great business here, if you get to know what are the merits and demerits of promoting on each of these websites, and then choose and invest accordingly, it can give you big returns, which you can dream of. For that, read carefully, as these, the top 10 best vacation rental websites for listing your vacation rental homes are:-

  1. Home Away :- 


It is one the biggest market player in vacation rental industry, who always comes on the top listings of, with having more than 25 partner sites with it. Along with that, it has over 2 million vacation rental properties listed internationally and more than 20 million visitors per month on their website.

It offers 2 types of models to home owners, pay per booking model and annual subscription. From this year home away is increasing its subscription fees by 25% to push its subscribers to pay per booking model, where home owners have to pay 8 to 10 % of their booking fees, on their every booking to home away.

  1. VRBO :- 


VRBO is the partner site of Home Away; it has over 10 million visitors per month, from which 87% of traffic directly coming from Canada and US alone. VRBO has approximately 200,000 listings internationally and it comes consistent in top rankings of search engines. VRBO focuses on United States rental options and best for those who are looking for popular American Gateways.

  1. :-


This partner site of Home away receives approximately 300 to 600 thousands visits per month, from which, over 80 % of traffic coming from Canada and USA alone. Vacation has the mission to provide beautiful rental homes with all the amenities, especially for family and group stay at half the cost of hotel rooms.

Merits and demerits of Home Away Family


  1. Have more than 2 million listing of vacation rental properties internationally;
  2. Secure payment methods;
  3. Options for instant booking;
  4. Owners can choose between 2 types of their listing model;
  5. High brand recognition;
  6. All time customer support;
  7. Detailed profiles, with descriptions, calendar availability, photos, clickable map and lot of guest’s reviews;
  8. Availability of Rental guarantee, cancellation insurance and damage insurance.


  1. Restricted communication between home owner and guests;
  2. Expensive option as compare to other vacation rental websites, owner can either pay $399 or $455 for the year, or he or she have to pay 8 to 10 % on receiving each of their booking;
  3. Home Away charges extra cost from their guests in the form of service fees;
  4. The cost for paper work in form of rental guarantee, cancellation insurance etc.
  5. Home away and its partner site VRBO, also reward properties using the website’s payment system, which can be a challenging situation for home owners who prefer to collect money their own way.

   4. Airbnb :- 


Airbnb is an American company, and a trusted name in vacation rental industry. It was founded in August 2008, approx ten years ago in San Francisco, California. It is the fastest growing vacation rental website with having 88 to 120 million travelers visiting the website every month. It is also the most popular individual vacation rental website.

 Airbnb has over 200 million guests served in 61000 different cities, it is also known for providing its users the world class service. It is the first vacation rental website, who started the concept of offering the shared spaces instead of second property, which means vacation rental home’s owner can be found in his property during guests stay.

This site is for those who can offer a spare bedroom, couch, and basement etc. along with that it is providing a social platform to its users to review, either it is guests or home owner, both types of its users can review freely, that make “Airbnb” a reliable website.

Merits and Demerits of Airbnb


  1. It is absolutely free to list your property on Airbnb;
  2. One of the biggest, trustable and most popular name in vacation rental industry;
  3. Offering best customer service for both home owners and their guests;
  4. Home owners have the option to list full home or shared spaces.
  5. Offering up to $ 1,000,000 insurance policy as a protection plan, in case of property damage by a guest;
  6. Airbnb is giving a social platform to owners and guests for giving their reviews.


  1. Offering restrictive cancellation policies, which may turn away guests;
  2. Charging 6 to 12 % guest fees;
  3. Its TrustPilot score is 1 star;
  4. Airbnb holds owners money, until guests check-in;
  5. Usually getting Bad reviews through its guests.

     5.  Trip Advisor Rentals :- 


Trip Advisor rentals is promoting its services in more than 200 countries, and also known as the world’s largest travel community. So, listing your property here, can give you the great chance to get much of enquiries. Along with that, it is one of the most trusted names internationally. They have millions of visitors on their website, apart from that; it is free to list your property on trip advisor rentals. But home owners have to pay 3% of the booking fees to trip advisor on getting every reservation.

They are the family of 12 vacation rental websites.

  1. Flipkey :- 


Flipkey is the most popular vacation rental company in North America, and a subsidiary of Trip advisor. It has more than 300,000 properties listings in approx 179 countries. It was founded in 2007 and have it’s headquarter is in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Flipkey do not charge any fee on listing of your property instead they charge 3% from your guests payment on every booking.

Merits and demerits of trip advisor family


  1. It is the world’s largest travel community;
  2. Listing your property is free here;
  3. Only charge 3% of commission from rental fee;
  4. If owner is having more 5 or more than it, properties for listing, you can get the advantage of signing up for a manager account.
  5. Trusted brand name, internationally.


  1. poor consumer service according to reviews of its guests, owners and managers as well;
  2. new properties listing can only use pay per booking model, which is not liked by every owner;
  3. Issues of handling inquiries for new owners on website, who are holding manager accounts.

         7.  Find American Rentals (no booking fee vacation rentals):- 

findrentallogo is one of the best vacation rental websites, who are promoting no booking fees vacation rentals, it has started its online portal in 2014, and promoting its vacation rental properties in all across the world, with offering each type of rental homes such as condo, cabin, villa, cottage, apartment, beach houses etc.

The best thing about, find American rentals is that, it has the great experience of growing in the short time span, and it is first to come on top listings of, while searching with keyword “no booking fees vacation rentals”. And it is having more than 39,100 listings of vacation rental properties, internationally. This site is having more than 3 million visitors monthly from all around the world with all season genuine bookings. is the first online directory to promote vacation rental homes at no booking fees and no service fees. Along with that, they are offering the best priced homes at compare to other vacation rental websites, apart from that, asking for reasonable fees as investment, from owners who are listing property on their website. They are charging no commissions on reserved bookings from vacation rental property owners.

Merits and Demerits of


  1. Offering No booking fees vacation rentals properties to their guests;
  2. Charging zero commissions from owners, in other words, no need to pay for any booking;
  3. Unrestricted communication between home owners and guests;
  4. Offering its properties all across the world at best prices;
  5. Getting huge traffic, as they are promoting no booking fee rentals.
  6. Promoting the policy of 7 days transparency period for home owners, after payment of their subscription package.


  1. Limited listings of properties as compare to other vacation rental websites, such as Homeaway, VRBO etc.
  2. Less experienced.


perfectstayz-300x61 is also one of the fastest growing “no booking fees vacation rental” websites. It is new, but one of the fastest growing vacation rentals community, who do not charge any commission from home owners, along with that, they give advantage to their guests of paying “no booking and no service fee”, while booking a vacation rental property from their website.

Home owners only have to pay subscription fee annually to, no pay per booking at all. It offers unrestricted communication between home owners and travelers, so that they can deal directly with each other, with no need of mediocre in between. is offering their vacation rental property worldwide and has more than 39,100 listings of vacation rental homes, in which travelers can avail properties including condo, cabin, cottages, beach houses, villa, penthouses etc.

Merits and demerits of


  1. Charge no booking fees and no service fees from guests;
  2. Annual subscription fees only- no pay per booking and no commission at all;
  3. Offers 20% discount on directly booking with owners and managers;
  4. Offer easy communication between home owners and renters;
  5. Getting 3 million visitors per month on their website.


  1. new website in vacation rental industry, and still in its growth period;
  2. Limited listings of properties as compare to big players of the market.

      9. :- 

new-rentalo-logo not just deal in providing vacation rental houses to guests, it is also known for offering hotel rooms and Bed & breakfast at affordable prices, one of the trusted name in vacation rental industry, who is providing its services in 15,000 destinations, worldwide.

Merits and Demerits of


  1. Guests have the option to choose between their choice of accommodations, as it is offering hotel rooms, vacation rental homes and bed & breakfast as well.
  2. Owner can choose from two of its models- either pay per booking or annual subscription;
  3. Give special discounts to guests, and getting good traffic.


  1. Restricted communication between home owner and guest;
  2. Focusing on pay per booking model, which owners do not like;



It is one of the top 10 vacation rental website, who is providing its services in 103 countries, along with 75,000 vacation rental homes listing. promotes affordable subscription price for property listings for owners who are promoting single property, and for multiple properties, it is offering special discounts and facilities. It has 12 channel managers, whom it is promoting its business with.


  1. High discounts on subscription of multiple properties;
  2. Having 12 channel managers, which is best for increasing inquiries;
  3. Offer both types of payment models- subscription fees and pay per booking.


  1. It has limited properties, that means limited exposure;
  2. Poor customer service;
  3. Pay per booking for a lifetime is something that owners do not like.

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