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About Dominican Republic Vacation Rentals

The Dominican Republic, one of the most diverse Caribbean countries, is an exciting vacation destination with beaches, desert scrublands, mountain scenery, mountain ranges, national parks, rivers and colonial architecture. With its tropical rainforest climatic condition and lush green forestry, it is an ideal place for those, who want to play in the lap of nature.  The locals are warm and hospitable and they welcome tourists with open arms.  For the comfortable accommodations of tourists, there is an availability of vacation home rentals in the Dominican Republic. The different kinds of rentals include villas, condos, cottages, chalets and cabins. They are available for all sizes and budgets. 

The wonders of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, the second largest nation in the Caribbean, is one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists in the world. The wonders that have made tourists go gaga over this spot include the following:  

Damajagua Falls: Located in Cabarete, it is an ideal spot for tourists to rest and relax. It has a refreshing atmosphere and clean water that enables tourists to enjoy a picnic or barbecue to their’ heart’s content. In addition, they can plunge themselves in the waterfalls. It is suggested that they put on a life jacket and a helmet for this activity. It has 27 waterfalls that are a great source of attraction to tourists. During rainy seasons, there could be heavy floods. So, tourists are warned not to indulge themselves in plunging activity when there is a heavy downpour.

Isla Saona: This is a fascinating island with many features—white sand beaches, scenic landscapes and good-looking palm trees. The enjoyable activities include snorkeling and swimming with manatees and dolphins. It is a quiet and long island with shady trees, where tourists can enjoy strolling with their loved ones and pets. Both sunrises and sunsets are spectacular sights here. The temperature remains moderate most of the times that enables to tourists to stay here for long-terms.  For the accommodation of tourists, there are Dominican Republic vacation cabin rentals, inlets, hotels, etc.    

Parque Nacional Del Este: This is a national park that has ancient caves and limestone terraces. They throw light on the civilization of early people of the Dominican Republic. Those, who are fond of diving activity, love its coastal areas, which have the best quality water and marine biodiversity. The Calderas Bay, an important part of this park, is famous with regard to mangrove swamps, birdlife and lagoon. The flora and fauna of this region is a major attraction to tourists.

Punta Cana: There is a great transformation about this resort. Earlier, it was a sugar plantation. Later, it was converted into a big and beautiful resort. It has blue water and white sand to lure tourists. The appearance and natural beauty are the two chief important jewels of this resort. It is a perfect place for enjoying various types of water activities.  It has a tranquil surrounding that enables tourists to lie on its sand to enjoy a nap.

Samana Peninsula: This is an ideal place for those who are fond of water sports activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing, water skiing, swimming, canoeing, etc. With turquoise water and lovely beaches, it is full of serenity and solitude. Tourists can get here complete relaxation by lounging on its beaches. It is also famous with regard to pristine seas and marine life.

Best Time to Visit Dominican Republic

In terms of seasons and budgets, there are two best times to visit the Dominican Republic. The first best time is from 15th December to 15th April. During this time, season suits the health of tourists, but there is a heavy crowd and the prices of hotels, resorts and airlines increases. The second best time starts from after 15th April. During this time, the season becomes a bit warmer, but the vacation spot becomes less crowded and the prices of hotels and airlines drop as low as 50%.  Hence, tourists can choose the best time in terms of their convenience and budget.

How to Reach the Dominican Republic?

There are many domestic and international airports in the Dominican Republic. Domestic ones include Cueva Las Maravillas Airport, Cabo Rojo Airport, Osvaldo Virgil Airport, etc. International ones include María Montez International Airport, La Romana International Airport, Gregorio Luperón International Airport, etc. Hence, reaching here depends on tourists’ locations and convenience.

Vacation Rentals in the Dominican Republic

Finding accommodations in the Dominican Republic is quite easy and hassle-free. Tourists should contact Find American Rentals, one of the best Dominican Republic vacation rentals by owner. It is 100% reliable vacation rental directory that offers no booking fee vacation rentals to tourists at affordable prices. Its services are prompt and available around the clock.