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Texas, the second-largest state in the US by area, also famous as the ‘Lone Star State’ is the apple of tourists’ eyes. Bordered by Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, it has mountains, coastal beaches, parks seashores and deserts. It has a diverse climate, ranging from humid to subtropical in the east and from arid and semi-arid in the west. It is also famous for various types of cuisines and shopping outlets. Locals are generous and hospitable and interact with tourists warmly without any bias in their hearts.  For the accommodation of tourists, various types of vacation home rentals in Texasvillas, condos, cottages, cabins and chalets—are available at very best prices. Apart from being airy, spacious, comfortable, they are equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities.

Why Visit Texas?

First, Texas gains momentum with its rich culture and history. It is known for its independence from Mexico in 1836. In addition, it is famous for world-famous cities, a blend of Mexican, Native American and American cuisine, exotic beaches and sports activities.

Things to Visit in Texas

In terms of its attractions, Texas has become so popular that this destination has become El Dorado for most tourists. The top-rated attractions include the following:

Guadalupe Mountains National Park: Lying at a distance of 100 miles of El Paso, this park has amazing landscape and accommodates four highest peaks in the state. Different species of wild birds and animals find shelter in it. The activities commonly practiced here include biking trails and hiking.  Tourists are advised to seek more information about it at the visitor center.

Big Bend National Park: Although it appears very terrific at first sight, it offers a large range of sightseeing and recreational opportunities to tourists. It has many natural attractions—canyons, mountains and a river flowing along a border. The enjoyable activities include hiking trails, picnicking, wading into the water and paddling along the Rio Grande. It has over 400 species of birds.

Padre Island National Seashore: This is the longest undeveloped barrier island in the world. It has over 130,000 acres of beach, grassland habitats and dunes and accommodates countless migratory birds, sea turtles. It is also known to be a birder’s paradise. Those, who are fond of birdwatching, will find this region very enjoyable.

Natural Bridge Caverns: Lying at a short distance from San Antonio, this amazing attraction is a large part of the underground network.  It is the large cave network in the USA which is open to the public. Its best highlights include the Castle of the White Giants, the 40-foot-high King's Throne and wall of stalactite. Some of its best activities include theme tours, treetop climbing and zip-lining.

The Texas State Capitol in Austin: Known to have been built in 1888, this attraction is regarded as one of the best state legislatures in the US. Spread over 22-acres of land, it has monuments of freedom fighters.  For the convenience to tourists, guided tours are available.  It is a great place for tourists to gather information about veterans of the Vietnam War.

Beaches near Texas

Beaches are the best places for tourists to cool off during summer seasons in this state. Those that are equipped with better amenities include the following:

Surfside BeachLocated near Freeport city, it is one of the neatest and cleanest beaches in the area. It is an ideal place for a family vacation. Unlike other beaches, it is less crowded and enables tourists to indulge in a plethora of activities.

Crystal Beach: Spread over seven miles, this is a very quiet and peaceful beach. It has an eco-friendly environment and devoid of a crowd. It is an excellent place for a get-together with loved ones. Swimming and other water sports activities are common practices here.

Mustang Island State Park: This is an amazing beach in the state for tourists to enjoy swimming and sunbathing. As it is dog-friendly, tourists can come to stroll along with their dogs. It has over 400 species of birds. Birdwatching is one of the most enjoyable activities here.

Rockport Beach: This beach is famous for seeing strong undertows, big waves, birdwatching, fishing and boating. It is a good spot for spending time with a family.  It features a 1,500-foot lighted jetty pier, which is a good place for experiencing solitude and romance.

Best Time to Visit Texas

In terms of weather conditions and safety, there are two best times for tourists to visit this state—from March 12th to May 20th and from October 1st to November 25th. During these times, the weather remains moderate and there is the least chance for rainfall and snowfall.

How to Visit Texas?

Texas can be visited by tourists the world over without much hustle and bustle. The chief airports located here are San Angelo Regional Airport, Waco Regional Airport, Abilene Regional Airport, George Bush Intercontinental Airport and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The local means of transportation includes buses, cars and trams.

Vacation Home Rentals in Texas

Find American Rentals, one of the best Texas vacation rentals by owner, offers no-booking-fee vacation rentals to tourists at very affordable prices. Tourists can contact it around the clock to book their accommodations.