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April, 2018
Great booking and service facilities

It is the best website for booking home rentals as they are providing booking and service at zero price.

March, 2018
My best choice home rental website

Findamericanrentals is my first and best choice to book vacation rental , no matter whereever i want to go for my vacation , i always got the best property with nice location here

February, 2018
Got the excellent experience

I usually book my vacation with Findamericanrentals.com and getting the best experience each time .

Thank you and love you Findamericanrentals.com

February, 2018
Great experience all around!

Had the great experience all around , thank you Findamericanrentals

January, 2018
Easy booking and communication

Findamericanrentals.com gives us the best experience as it is so easy to do bookings here and had the great communication with the providers , loved the property , looking to visit again.

January, 2018
Adorable farmhouse

I have booked an adorable farmhouse for our family reunoiun at this website , and everyone loved it , we had a good time there.

Thank you findamericanrentals.com

January, 2018
Informative website

It is overall a informative website 

January, 2018
Have great options

The best part of Findamericanrentals.com that whenever i decide to go for my vacations, i have a great options of home rentals such as cabin, farmhouse , condo , cottages , villas and much more , and each time i love to stay at diffrent kind of homes and love exploring them, i just love to book here and another best part is that i get these homes at best prices.

December, 2017
Better than we expected!
I’ve had such a wonderful experience with finding a perfect place using Findamericanrentals!
The cabin in Prescott was out of this world! Nice and clean, with amazing view of surrounding areas of mountains in the far and tall ponderosa pines right next to relaxing porch. 
There were sightings of bunch of squirrels and also deer. My dog enjoyed our hiking adventures not far from the cabin. 
Place is so peaceful and quite special.
I’ve had an opportunity to meet cabin owners who went above and beyond to make sure that my stay is one of the best vacations ever.
Thank you Findamericanrentals!!!
I would highly recommend this place for enjoyable vacation.


November, 2017

Convenient vacation rentals, good to stay, i have also advertised here my properties, and getting good response , keep it up findamericanrentals.

November, 2017
Overall good

Overall it was good from service to booking it is so easy, and offered at reasonable prices

November, 2017
Best price vacation rentals

I have booked my vacation rental first time with findamericanrentals.com , and got it  at a best price with a good amenities and peaceful surroundings, love you findamericanrentals.com

October, 2017
Awesome website

Findamericanrentals.com is an awesome website , i found the great options here along with the convinience of not paying any booking fee.

Love you findamericanrentals, keep it up

September, 2017
I am truly satisfied by service

I am truly satisfied by the service i got at our vacation rental, it was great for family reunions,

we had enjoyed a lot there , rooms were spacious and clean as well , private pool at our farmhouse was awesome,

price was reasonable , and we loved it , as service staff was also good , and i am happy user of findamericanrentals.

September, 2017
It was fantastic

I have done my first booking of vacation rental @ findamericanrentals.com , and it was fantastic as we have got the lovely condo to stay with all the amenities including comfortable beds, beachfront location, hot tub, game room, home gym along with a kid friendly location, overall we had a awesome experience of  staying there.

September, 2017
Easy to navigate

This website is very easy to navigate, one can search any no. of home rentals and choose what is convinient.

June, 2017
Not satisfied

I am not satisfied  by the service provided to me at my vacation rental.

June, 2017
Giving Best service

I had a best service experience at Findamericanrentals  , the best part is that they are not charging any booking and service fee and giving the best vacation rentals with all luxirious amenities , thanks Findamericanrentals 

June, 2017
Great experience with no booking hassles!

Thanks to Findamericanrentals - our second stay was an extension of our original reservation. The booking was hassle free and the property was above what was expected. There is nothing he can do better, it is already great.

June, 2017
Trips at your fingertips

It is very easy to book a vacation home rental here, one can choose to spend there vacation anytime , anywhere in the world and going to get the best home rentals with findamericanrentals.com, as more i am exploring it , more i am liking it.

June, 2017
Awesome Rentals

This website helped me a lot to choose a cottage as my home rental as we were in confusion to do our bookings with findamericanrentals or not because i am a very  hygenic person and it was our family trip , i was searching the perfect location that should be kid friendly and find it at findamericanrentals.com, the property we got here was well-kept and elegant along with all the amenities, and the thing i found is our rental was pet friendy along with peaceful envirnoment , just loved it.

May, 2017
Easy communications with owners

This website shares every owner's phone number along with the pictures of there vacation rental properties, so one can have easy communications with owners

May, 2017
Great website for bookings

Findamericanrentals is the good website for bookings , as they are not charging booking fee , service fee and offering a large number of home rentals, where we have a freedom to choose according to our needs.

May, 2017
Experience was okay

I have booked my stay through this website , my experience there was okay, it was not that good as explained, we did not have that much amenities there, it was my 1st booking with findamericanrentals.com, but i am not satisfied by service

May, 2017
Nice Home rentals

I have done my vacation home rental booking @ findamericanrentals.com, got a nice and clean property to spend my holidays.

May, 2017
Easy and Hassle free

It is easy to use and hassle-free website

April, 2017
Adorable location

We got the best vacation rental here , and the best part of our rental was its location , it was near Disney world , The Universal Studio's was also near to that , me and my family enjoyed a lot there and we also visited The kennedy Space center with , it was an awesome experience, as most of the attractions was near to our rental home , so we enjoyed a lot there, thank you findamericanrentals.com.

April, 2017
Loved its service

I have booked my vacations rentals with findamericanrentals .com and i just loved its service, as we were on a family vacation , location of our rental property was kid-friendly and bay view was really awesome , me and my family enjoyed that like anything, thanku findamericanrentals.com to make our trip a memorable one.

April, 2017
Convenient to use

I mostly do my vacation home rental bookings with findamericanrentals.com, and it is very convenient to use.

March, 2017
Service was not that good

We got the nice cottage for our family vacation, but service was not that good.

February, 2017
Best amenities

I love findamericanrentals.com as i got the best amenities at our cottage , we booked with this website as our rental property, the best part is that i loved all the amenities i got there from hot tub to king sized bed, pool table to porch and many more , just loved them

February, 2017
Highly Recommend Portal

Thanks Dave, for a great job with the web site. It is professional and has brought us many wonderful guest to our lake house. You went the extra mile to make it just as we wanted it to be. I highly recommend you to anyone wanting a top quality web site for their vacation home. We are very pleased with the website.

February, 2017
Stunning locations

We had booked our vacation with Findamericanrentals and got it at the best location, with a lake view and directly pool access along with much more adventurous activities . love you Findamericanrentals.com , and i am so excited to book my next  home rental with you.

January, 2017
Amazing view of locations

I have booked my first home rental with findamericanrentals and got the best place to stay with an amazing view of mountains and greenery, i just loved the place , explored beaches there,

had a great fun at national park, doing adventurous activities like scuba diving and others, enjoyed night life.

Just loved it


November, 2016
Well kept home rentals

We got the well kept home rental here

September, 2016
Best experience

Booked my home rental  @ findamericanrentals.com and got the best experience , from amenties to best location , enjoyed a lot at beachfront while doing canoeing , fishing, golf course, national park and night life, thank you findamericanrentals for giving me a best experience and making our vacation really awesome.

September, 2016
Late refunds

As there is the policy of directly contacting to owners and it also has a drawback that in case we want to refund our money , it takes long time and not convinient in that case as i had already gone through it .

September, 2016
Best advertisement website

Best website to Advertise one's vacation rental and the best thing is that they are not charging any booking or service fee , this is why i love you findamericanrentals.com , i m looking forward to do more business with you , and loved your way of promoting vacation rentals.

August, 2016
Love to book here again

My first experience in California at Vacation rentals was awesome, Nice rental home with an adorable view of nature

 we got a beachfront location , along with Private pool

i would love to book again here.

August, 2016
Make sure to get full information

Before booking any vacation rental , make sure to get full information regarding it as sometimes it happens that you have to pay more , so be careful.

August, 2016
Make travelling easier

Findamericanrentals.com made my travelling easier as it is easy to book online, i can book anytime i want, overall had a nice experience.

August, 2016
Best cabin homes

I have got the best Cabin house @ findamericanrentals.com , amenities and location were also good , i have a good experience by choosing  my rental property at this website , price was little high but overall we had a good feeling staying there. 

August, 2016
Costly home rentals

As i have checked this website findamericanrentals.com properties offered there was really nice ,but the price of rental home i want to stay at is comparatively high

July, 2016
Loved it

I already have booked my vacation rental with findamericanrentals.com 3 times , and i m going to book again for my trip to California , as it is the best,, website which i have found who is giving there costumers the best service , without charging any service fee. love you findamericanentals.com

July, 2016
First time user

I had heard about Findamericanrentals.com and used it for the first time to book a vacation. Worked great... love the concept! Put me in touch with the right person locally with an ideal cabin. Will use again!


June, 2016
Good for vacation bookings

I have had property owner cancel my reservation once, and during that the customer service and rebooking team at findamericanrentals has been excellent. I will continue to book through findamericanrentals because I know that any problems that come up will be handled swiftly and professionally. This website is amazing for vacation bookings.

June, 2016
Liked it

Liked it, as it is a Good website for bookings and i already have availed my choice of property by directly contacting to its owner .

June, 2016
It was nice

We have a nice experience while booking our home rentals at findamericanrentals.com, and we enjoyed our vacation at California like anything, the rental we  booked was well-kept and kid- friendly as well.

May, 2016
Lovely farmhouse

I have found the lovely farmhouse here for our business trip, and owner was good as he provided us at best price, with adorable beachfront location, Thank you Findamerican rentals

May, 2016
Got the energy-efficient amenities

I have spent my vacation in different Vacation rentals, and it is my second time when i booked my home rental with findamericanrentals.com and the best thing i got at my vacation home that i explored Energy -efficient amenities there from lighting to solar energy panels and others as well, and that place was kid-friendly as well so , me and my family enjoyed a lot.

May, 2016
Great for families

Home rentals offered at Findamericanrentals are great of familes , kid-friendly and best choice for family reunions.

May, 2016
Website is great

I have used this website for my bookings , and it is great, as it charges no booking fee and no service fee, along with it is providing a large no. of  vacation rentals , anyone can choose according to their suitability.

April, 2016
Great Experience

Great Experience!! Easy to book, immediate response and great lodging experience :)
Thank you Findamericanrentals.com

March, 2016
Alluring beachfront accomodations

Thank you so much Findamericanrentals.com, i have got the most alluring beachfront accomodations by directly contacting to the owner of the property, mentioned at your website along with a clean and safe location, as it is my first experience with any vacation rental website, and i consider myself lucky that i have booked my vacation rental with you and got it at the awesome location

by paying zero service fee ,

zero booking fee

along with unrestricted communication

Love you Findamericanrentals.com


March, 2016
Easy to use

Findamericanrentals is very easy to use website for home rental owners and travellels as well, every essential information is on website , for the very first time i have advertise my property @ Findamericanrentals.com and got the best facilities.

Looking further to advertise my other properties as well.

February, 2016
No Service fee

Thanks to findamericanrentals for not charging any service fee and we had a great experience. loved it 

February, 2016
Got the best Vacation rentals

Got the best vacation rental @ findamericanrentals.com and loved its service

February, 2016
Nice stay

We had a nice stay  @ findamericanrentals .

December, 2015
Have wonderful experience

We have booked our first vacation rental with Findamericanrentals, and had a wonderful experience there with all the amenities , thankyou findamericanrentals.com

October, 2015
Nice Service Staff

I had booked a Farmhouse in California for our business trip and we have got the best Service Staff people there, Thank you findamericanrentals.com

I will continue to use this website.


September, 2015
Second home

It seems like a second home to me , spent good time relaxing there with my family, it was my 2nd vacation through findamericanrentals.com, got the nice home rental.

August, 2015
Wonderful Experience

When I was first contacted by findamericanrentals.com I was a bit skeptical that they could do the things they said they could. But I realized very quickly that the company has a very aggressive marketing campaign and were very serious about doing business. My contact person, John, has been one of the best communicators I have worked with in a long time. His response time was always very prompt and best of all he had everything up and running smoothly and quickly. Communication is very key to my business and I tend to do business with people that are responsive to the needs of my company. From the President of findamericanrentals.com to sales personal and technical experts, this has been a wonderful experience. I would not hesitate to recommend findamericanrentals.com to any of my business associates and friends. I am looking forward to a long and lasting relationship and am confident that the results are going to be very rewarding.



August, 2015
It was okay

My experience of 1st stay was just okay .

May, 2015
Excellent website for prom

Findamericanrentals is an excellent website, very informative, it is best for promotions  of our home rental homes , best part is traveller can directly contact to the owners, and they do not have to pay any booking fee and no service fee.

May, 2015
Great cabin homes

We have booked our family vacation to Mexico , and we have got the Best cabin homes there , well furnished and kid-friendly as well , master bed room was awesome , beds were so comfortable , we enjoyed at lot there at beachfront locations.

March, 2015
Awesome penthouse

We had an awesome stay at penthouse, it was furnished with adorable designs and me and my friends just loved it , amenities was also awesome. We just loved it, loved it..........