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Barbados, located in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the best vacation destinations in the Caribbean. With two seasons—wet season and dry seasons—, exotic beaches, different species of wildlife, luscious cuisines, nightlife and friendly locals, it has really become an el dorado for most tourists. English is the official language of this island. In addition to this, Bajan, an English-based Creole language, is spoken by locals in their everyday life. When it comes to accommodations, they are of various types—villas, cottages, condos, cabins and chalets—and are available for all budgets.

Natural Wonders of Barbados

Barbados boasts many natural wonders, which most tourists want to see to amaze themselves. Some of the most noted ones include the following:

The Baobab Tree: This is a very large tree, known to be one thousand years old. An incredible myth is related to it. It is assumed that a seed floated to the shores of Barbados from Ginea, West Africa through the Atlantic Ocean and grew into a huge tree. Quite similar to it, there is another tree in Warrens in the parish of St. Michael. This tree is known to be more than 300 years old. These two trees hold great importance in the wonders of Barbados. It is suggested that tourists visit this place when they land in Barbados to enjoy a vacation.

Historic Jacobean Mansions: This is a very old historical building, which is known to have been built in 1650s. It bears resemblance to an English architecture of 17th century. It is rechristened after the name of King James I, who ruled from 1603 to 1625. The important features of this grand building include grand staircases, window bays and steep gable roofs. Tourists are advised to explore this historic building and sugar plantation associated with it.

Morgan Lewis Windmill: Located in the northern parish of St. Andrew, this is only intact sugar mill in Barbados. Tourists can stroll here to take a glimpse of this historic mill. Just next to it, lies the Grind Artisan Café. It offers amazing views of the east coast and countryside. There are many savory options to enjoy here— cakes, quiche and sandwiches. 

Bridgetown Jewish Synagogue: This is one of the oldest buildings, known to have been built in 1654. Later, in 1831 it was devastated by hurricane, rebuilt and then sold in 1929. The Jewish community bought it back in 1983 and restored it to its original form with its beautiful Gothic arches. At present, it stands as Barbados National Trust. The Nidhe Israel Museum lies next to this building.

Grapefruit Tree: This is a very old tree and a famous legend associated with it. It is believed that Barbados is the first place, where Grapefruit was developed. Shaddock and Sweet Orange are its parents. Cross-pollination took place between them and Grapefruit was developed. Now, this fruit has become famous all over the world. Tourists should stir up their taste buds with this special fruit.

Cannon GaloreCannons are found all over the island. They are found on beaches, in cellars, gardens and also in the buildings. Main Guard House features 26 pieces of cannons and looks like wonderful photographic display.

Adventurous activities in Barbados

Barbados is full of adventurous activities. Some of the most famous activities that make this island different from others include surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. These activities are cumbersome, so require adventurous skills. Those, who are really passionate about a vacation, should try them. Trainers are available there for novice practitioners. 

Vacation Home Rentals in Barbados

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