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About Barbados

About Barbados Vacation Rentals

Surrounded by white-sand beaches fringed with coconut palms, the coral island of Barbados rises out of the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. And those words almost say it all. Beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise water and the friendliest people in the world make Barbados one of the most outstanding holiday destinations in the world.

Barbados is the easternmost Caribbean island, an independent nation within the Commonwealth. The common language is English, the island is 34 kilometers long and 23 kilometers wide, and known for its oceanfront vacation rentals in Barbados. Its natural beauty, variety in landscape and shorelines, a wonderful climate with a year-round temperature of 28°C combined with the cooling breezes of the trade winds, extremely warmhearted and friendly locals - these are only some of the numerous treasures this tropical island paradise has to offer.

But there are plenty more things to enjoy for visitors to Barbados: the calm Caribbean Sea in the west and part of the south coast and the big surf which pounds the eastern part of the south coast and the rugged east coast almost all year round, Reggae, Soca, Steel and Calypso music as part of the island's culture, high class windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, golf and cycling at it's best as well as all other sports one can think of, a perfect infrastructure of Barbados vacation condo rentals offering all modern amenities and last but not least the incomparable flair of the Caribbean islands.

There are accommodations to suit everybody's purse - from upmarket apartment hotels as The Inchcape Villas at the southernmost tip of the island to Sandy Lane Hotel which is the perfect hideaway for the rich and famous, in the heart of Barbados' prestigious west coast, the variety, is abundant and if you know where to go, the quality of local restaurants is just incredible. Fresh fish as Snapper, Dolphin, Kingfish, Tuna or Flying Fish are amongst the delicacies which can also be obtained daily from the numerous fish markets around the island. Moreover, the delicious dining is just a few steps away from the Barbados vacation home rentals by the owner as well.

There are peace and quietness, which may be occasionally interrupted by the sounds of the ocean or the brandmark of the Caribbean islands, the whistling frogs. There is plenty of action on the island, as well such as thrilling water sport activities to Oceanfront villas for rent in Barbados. Hotels, restaurants, bars and discotheques take over with live music everywhere when the sun has set over the horizon of the Caribbean Sea.

"Hey, we're going to Barbados..." was a song which made the charts in the '70s and stood for people's dreams of escaping to an island paradise. And it hasn't become an oldie yet...

Irie from sunny Barbados. Just give it a shot and fall in love with this truly exceptional island paradise and stay at Barbados Vacation Rentals for excellent comfort.