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About Vacation Home Rentals in Disney World

Disney World, also famous as Walt Disney World, is an amazing entertainment complex located near Kissimmee and Orlando cities in the US. Spread over 25,000 acres of land, it has two water parks, four theme parks, nine non-Disney hotels, camping resort, many golf courses, twenty-seven themed resort hotels and many other important venues. It has a humid and subtropical climate, grassy farmlands, thick forest and many other eye-catching natural resources. In addition, it also provides many dining, shopping and entertainment options. For the accommodation of tourists, there are various types of vacation home rentals in Disney World—villas, cottages, condos, cabins and apartments.

Why Visit Disney World?

Disney World has something for everyone. Both adults and kids can have a great time here in its theme parks, water parks, resorts, and attractions. The mild weather conditions further increase the popularity of this destination.

Things to Visit in Disney World

Disney World boasts both appealing and suspensive attractions that have made this tourist destination one of the most frequented ones for tourists the world over. Some of the noted attractions include the following:

Expedition Everest: This is a wonderful roller coaster in Disney World. It is the blend of immersive environment, attraction and coastal thrills. Through this ride, tourists can explore the Himalayas where they will come across Yeti. Tourists should visit it during night time when mountains are lit up with blue and purple colors to create a peaceful ambience. Moreover, they are saved from blistering heat that emanates during the day time.

Splash Mountain: This is one of the most popular attractions in the Magic Kingdom. It has a 52 foot 45-degree drop which makes tourists awe-struck. It is a wonderful ride to beat the heat during summer seasons. On contrary, during winter seasons tourists can get a bit chilly, so they are advised to put on a raincoat in order to save themselves from being drenched.

Haunted Mansion: Resembling the gothic architecture of the eighteenth century, this is a dark and scary ride in Disneyland Park. It appears very frightening at first sight, though there are no gores. A ride takes tourists through a graveyard and crypts. The ride goes slowly without any disturbance.The residents present inside are warm and friendly. The heart patients are warned not to go for this ride.

Avatar Flight of Passage: Lying within Pandora, this is a 3D flying simulator that enables tourists to take a flight on Mountain Banshee and enjoy the landscape of Pandora. It is one of the most technologically advanced rides in Disney World. During the journey, tourists will come across caves, wall paintings, jungles, rocks and the research laboratory.

Kilimanjaro Safaris: This is a safari ride that takes tourists through 100 acres of wild terrain of East Africa. During their ride, they will be able to see different types of animals and birds. The most attractive ones include baboons, antelope, cheetahs, rhinos, ostriches, zebra, wildebeests, white rhinos, warthogs, etc. This safari can be enjoyed during both day and night.

Beaches near Disney World

Beaches near Disney World are the best places for those, who want to take a breather. Some popular beaches located in this destination include the following:

Cocoa: This beach is so popular that it is on the tip of most tourists’ tongues. It lives up to the expectations of all types of tourists. It has glistening sand, many restaurants and bars, sun umbrellas.

Vero Beach: Located on the water’s edge, this beach provides a relaxed atmosphere to those, who want to stay here for a couple of days. For the accommodation of tourists, it has villas, cottages and hotel rooms.

Siesta Key: This is a picturesque destination with white sand, warm water and mouth-watering cuisines. In terms of amenities, it has restrooms, snack bars, gift shops, playgrounds and tennis courts. Marine life is very enjoyable here.

New Smyrna: This is both family-friendly and pet-friendly beach. It has a long stretch of land, crystal clear water and luscious cuisines.  Those, who are family men can enjoy a great time along with spouse, kids and pets.

Best Time to Visit Disney World

The best time to visit Disney World depends on what tourists are looking to get out of their vacations. However, in terms of good weather and affordable food and lodging, there are different best times for tourists—from January 6th to February 13th; from February 25th to March 6th, in the second half of August, most days in September and most weekdays in October,November and December.

How to Visit Disney World?

There are two main airports near Disney World—Orlando International and Sanford International. Thus, tourists can access this destination from any part of the world easily. In terms of local transportation, Disney itself provides complimentary transportation to and from the airport. This mode of transportation is known as the Magical Express.

Vacation Home Rentals in Disney World

Renting vacation home rentals in Disney World is quite easy. For the hassle-free rental process of vacation rentals, tourists should get in touch with one of the best Disney World vacation rentals by owner, Find American Rentals. It provides no booking fee vacation rentals to tourists at the budget-friendly prices of tourist.