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Los Angeles County, one of the most ethical counties in the USA, is a splendid vacation destination. With a Mediterranean climate, it abounds with beaches, valleys, lakes, and many other attractions. It contains 88 cities, of which Los Angeles is the largest. It is also famous for the big entertainment industry, museums, amusement parks, gastronomy, fabulous shopping opportunities, and exciting nightlife. The outdoor activities often practiced here include mountaineering, hiking, swimming, etc. For the comfy accommodations of travelers, various types of vacation home rentals in Los Angeles County—villas, cottages, condos and cabins—are available at the very best prices.


Why Visit Los Angeles County?


There are many reasons why Los Angeles County should be on the top of your bucket list: amazing weather; diversity in terms of cultures, festivals and cuisines; gorgeous beaches; and thrilling adventures.


Things to Visit in Los Angeles County


Los Angeles County did not become famous overnight nor did any abracadabra make it so. The best places to visit in this vacation destination have made most travelers feel crazy about it. The attractions that you should not forget to add to your itinerary include the following:


La Brea Tar Pits: Known to have been formed 40, 000 years ago, this region has become the most amazing attraction for travelers. Here, you see live excavations of fossils and also learn about their process of formation.  The museum located here shows reconstructed fossils that belong to prehistoric times. You can see their bones and also become familiar with what happens behind the scenes. In addition, you can see fossils of a large variety of animals, such as dire wolves, saber-toothed cats and mammoths.


Los Angeles County Museum of Art: As the largest art museum in the western US, it contains 130,000 pieces, ranging from antiquity to modern times. They belong to Islamic Art, Latin America and Asian. The huge complex comprises a large number of separate buildings that have been renovated over the years. The most recent expansion witnessed the opening of many new buildings on the western part of the campus, designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop.


The Original Farmers Market: This market has an amazing myth. In 1934, it started following the Great Depression. About eighteen farmers set up their stalls on a land near Wilshire Boulevard to sell their products directly to the consumers. This experiment was so successful that the market went on expanding. When it started, it was only a fruit and vegetable market but over the years it has grown to accommodate a large number of vendors. You can buy here everything, ranging from candles and toys to expensive clothes and jewelery.


Battleship Iowa Museum: Located close to the Port of Los Angeles, this is an imposing attraction for you. Here, you can pass through the massive battleship and see what life at sea would have been for the sailors on board.  Looking at the 16-inch guns is one of the best highlights. If you have kids with you, they can enjoy a free scavenger hunt and search the ship to find the 10 secret locations of Vicky, the ship’s dog.


Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County: As one of the most famous museums in Los Angeles, it has many galleries and has a huge collection of things. It is famous for a collection of dinosaurs. It boasts a 14,000-square-foot Dinosaur Hall that has a collection of dinosaur skeletons, including a sequence of Tyrannosaurus rex fossils. It features three full skeletons, ranging from baby to adult. A Triceratops and a Stegosaurusa are put on a sale.


Beaches near Los Angeles County


Beaches are the best place for travlers to zonk out. Those that are very famous for their natural ambience and modern amenities include the following:


El Matador State Beach: Located on a bluff, this beach boasts picnic tables, from which you can have the pleasure of a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. Its clifftop will enable you to take a view of its surrounding and is one of the best places to take the photographs around you. You will get to see here neighbouring kelp forest, deep blue sea and various species of aquatic animals.


Paradise Cove Beach: Made up of the beach café and owned byBob Morris and Paradise Cove, it is a very popular beach for your relaxation. For your refreshment, you will find lounge chairs along with umbrellas. If you feel interested in traveling, you can rent a terrace that can accommodate 30 travelers.


Zuma Beach County Park and Westward Beach: Located west of Point Dume, this is a 3-mile long beach line. It has an idyllic location, just within the proximity of the Pacific Coast Highway. You can easily access it without hustle and bustle. Lifeguards are deployed here for the safety and security of travelers.


Manhattan Beach: Located in the suburbs of Los Angeles, this beach is a great spot for you to enjoy the sun and savour the ocean breeze. It is a 2-mile long sandy beach that offers you lots of opportunities to swim, run, surf and indulge in many other activities.


Best Time to Visit Los Angeles County


In terms of weather, safety, and tourism, there are two best times for you to visit Los Angles—from March to May and September to November.  During this time, the temperature remains moderate; the air is breathable; and there is the least chance of rainfall or snowfall.


How to Visit Los Angeles County?


Whether you are an international or a local traveler, you can easily access Los Angeles County without much hustle and bustle. The chief airports located here are Long Beach Airport, Hollywood Burbank, Ontario International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport. The local means of transportation include buses, cars and taxis.


Vacation Home Rentals in Los Angeles County


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