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About Vacation Home Rentals in Cape Coral

Cape Coral, a famous city in the US state of Florida, is a fantastic tourist destination with everything that tourist crave. Located in Lee County, it is also famous as ‘Waterfront Wonderland’ among tourists. The best thing about it is that it is the largest city between Miami and Tampa. With a subtropical climate, 355 days of sunshine each year, nature preserves, canals, exotic beaches, athletic parks, tennis courts and golf courses, it enables tourists to enjoy a long-term vacation with their loved ones. For the accommodation of tourists, vacation home rentals in Cape Coral are available at budget-friendly rates. Some of them include villas, cottages, condos and cabins.

Why Visit Cape Coral?

‘Seeing is believing’ is an old proverb that says one should see something before one can accept that it is really worthwhile. So, those, who have not been to Cape Coral before, might be a bit dubious about it. But, it is really a worth-enjoying vacation spot with beaches, rich flora and fauna, eateries and eye-catching attractions. Tourists should come to enjoy a vacation here with full confidence.

Things to Visit in Cape Coral

There are many worth-visiting places in Cape Coral that have given immense popularity to it. Some of the most noted ones include the following:

Rotary Park Environment Center: This is a park, spread over 97-acre of land. It has many fascinating features for tourists—wetlands, ponds, uplands and salt flats. Tourists can come here year-round for birding. Tourists can also enjoy the park facilities such as nature trails, Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly House, Liam J. Perk Memorial Playground, etc.

Cape Harbour: This is a wonderful place in Cape Coral with shops and waterfront restaurants. Every Saturday, the farmers’ market is organized here for a couple of hours. Several events—fishing tournaments, Oktoberfest and charitable events take place here. It is an ideal place for an evening stroll.

The Skate Park: This is one of the largest skate parks in the city. It has 27,000 square feet space, which gives a good chance to experienced skates to try their skills. Those, who come here along with their kids, must keep a good vigil on them.

Islands: Cape Coral boasts many heavenly islands, where tourists can make their lives more colorful and meaningful. The best ones include Sanibel Island and Captiva Island. The former is surrounded by sandy beaches and has many local shops to cater to the requirements of tourists. The latter provides over 300 species of shells. So, it is an ideal place for those, who are fond of shelling.

Beaches nearby Cape Coral

Beaches in Cape Coral are the places, where tourist can invigorate themselves to the fullest. Some of the best ones include the following:

Cape Coral Beach: This is a well-maintained beach with a very refreshing atmosphere. It is a good spot for kids as they can enjoy building sand castles with their parents and take a bath in the shallow water. Moreover, it is also the right spot for those, who are fond of fishing.

Fort Myers Beach: This is a very popular beach for hanging out with family. It has very soft sand to caress tourists. Some of the most enjoyable activities indulged in here include parasailing, catamaran sailing, jet skiing and windsurfing. Those, who are romantic by nature, can enjoy ‘Magic Hour’ carried out on the jetty of the Fort Myers Pier before sunset.

Bowman’s Beach: The beach is a good relaxing place for tourists, who need a change after a stressful life. The astonishing thing about it is that it has the highest number of shells in the US. Shelling is the most popular activity in this beach.

Siesta Key Beach: This beach is known to have the finest and whitest sands it contains 99% quartz. The specialty about it is that it feels cool even during the hottest days.  As it has shallow water, it is suitable for kids and non-swimmers.

Best Time to Visit Cape Coral

The best time to visit Cape Coral is from October 29th to April 15th when the weather remains warm and there is the least chance of rainfall and snowfall.

How to Visit Cape Coral?

Accessing Cape Coral is hassle-free for tourists. They can access it from any nook and corner of the world. Some of the international airports located nearby it are Southwest Florida International Airport, Sarasota Bradenton International Airport, Tampa International Airport, etc. Local means of transportation include buses, cars, etc.

Vacation Home Rentals in Cape Coral

Tourists can easily rent vacation home rentals in Cape Coral per their choice and budget. They should contact Find American Rentals, one of the best Cape Coral vacation rentals by owner. It offers no booking fee vacation rentals to tourists at affordable prices. As a result, they are saved from a great hustle and bustle.

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