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Arizona, the forty-eighth state of the US, famous as the Grand Canyon State, is an awesome tourist destination with world-famous natural wonders. Every feature of it including hamlets, towns, cities, canyons, deserts and mountains is admirable. Moreover, it is surrounded by famous destinations in all directions—New Mexico, California, Nevada,Utah, Colorado and Sonora. The weather remains hot and dry year-round that enables tourists to stay in this destination for a long-term. In terms of vacation, it is really an ideal spot for tourists. Various types of vacation home rentals in Arizona include villas, cottages, condos and cabins. 

Why Visit Arizona?

Arizonais a perfect destination for those, who are nature lovers and adventurers. Some of its best features include mountains, lakes,desert, waterfalls, buttes, saguaro cactus and slot canyons. Adventurous activities include mountain biking, hiking, fishing, rafting and helicopter tours.

Things to Visit in Arizona

Arizona is the chief hub of mind-boggling natural and man-made attractions. Some of the best ones that tourists should include in their bucket lists are as follows:

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument: This is a very large monument located in the southwestern part of Arizona. It has thirty different species of cactus plans and three desert vegetation zones. The namesake organ pipe cactus is the chief feature of this monument. It can grow up to 23 feet in height. Those, who are dogmatic by nature, will certainly enjoy this place.

Tumacacori National Historical Park: Located on the southern part of Tucson, this park has the remnants related to Spanish colonial missions. It is known to have become a national monument in 1908. Later in 1990, two more Spanish missions—Calabazas and Guevavi—were added to this park. Here, tourists can get lots of knowledge about facts related to this site.

Saguaro National Park: This is a huge park that features two parts—an east and a west part. Both of them offer a good chance to tourists to see flora and fauna of the region.  The best thing about it is that they can visit both parts of this park on the same entrance pass or ticket. It is a good place for them to experience natural bliss.

Petrified Forest National Park: By appearance, this park looks, mossy, gloomy and abandoned. But, it is a good place of discovering fossils of plants, reptiles and fish. It provides insights into the geology, ecology and various other unique sights. The site requires tourists to have lots of patience to go around it. So they need to have good control over their thirst, hunger and temper.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area: This is a very large recreational area, spread over 177 miles of the Colorado River. Lake Mohave and Lake Mead are the two chief features of this site.  It offers many exciting activities to tourists—hiking, fishing, camping and many other water sports.

Beaches nearArizona

Arizona boasts amazing beaches, where tourists can have a whale of a time. In addition to indulging in various exciting activities, they can stir up their taste buds with different varieties of delicacies available in local bistros. Some of the famous beaches are explained below one by one:

Wahweap Beach: This is a 19, 000 miles long beach that provides a cool and soothing atmosphere to tourists. Here, they can zonk out for long hours and can avail themselves of both tours and boat rental services. Hiking is the most enjoyable activity here.

London Bridge Beach: This beach bears resemblance to an ocean. It has soaring seagulls and swaying palm trees. In terms of a vacation, it has picnic areas, grassy park, playgrounds, a walking path, an enclosed dog park and volleyball courts.

Rotary Beach: Spread over 40-acre land, it has tree-shaded walkways and green grass. It is a perfect place for tourists to relax and enjoy barbecues and picnic. It also has Skate Park, bocce courts, volleyball courts and a swimming area.

Windsor Beach: This beach is a large expanse of white sand. Like other beaches, it also has picnic areas, campground, playground, etc. Boating and jet skiing are two enjoyable activities here.

Best Time to Visit Arizona

There are two best times to visit Arizona in terms of weather and safety—March 12th to May 27thand September 17th to November 11th. During these months, the weather remains warm and there is the least chance of rainfall or snowfall.

How to Visit Arizona?

Tourists, whether local or overseas can access Arizona from any part of the world. Some of the famous airports located in this state are Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Tucson International Airport, Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport, Flagstaff Pulliam Airport and Grand Canyon National Park Airport. The local means of transportation include train, bus and car.

Vacation Home Rentals in Arizona

Find American Rentals, one of the best Arizona vacation rentals by owner, offers no booking fee vacation rentals to tourists at affordable prices. So, tourists with fat wallets as well as tight budgets can easily find accommodations in this tourist destination.