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Curacao, a small Caribbean island, with a semi-arid climate, a number of beaches, is a unique polyglot tourist destination for beach bumps. Here, they get an excellent opportunity to rejoice with the landscapes, take part in scuba diving lessons and enrich their knowledge about the history of the island. In addition, they can also satisfy their taste buds with the luscious local cuisines. The languages, which are chiefly spoken here, are Papiament, Dutch and English.  It can be easily accessed from any part of the world without hustle and bustle. It is connected by air, sea and road. It boasts an international airport by name of ‘Hato International Airport.’ Curacao vacation home rentals, equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities, are easily available at affordable rates. Those, who come along with their families, should stay in Curacao vacation villa rentals.

Interesting places to visit in Curacao

Curacao is a big island with many interesting places. Apart from enriching the knowledge of tourists, they create wonder and amazement in their minds. Some of the distinguished ones include the following:

Octagon Museum: This is one of the most ancient buildings in Curacao. It has a great historical significance for those, who have a keen interest in enriching their knowledge of history. It is believed that Simón Bolívar lived in this building along with his two sisters after a failed revolt in Venezuela in the year 1812. Now, it is used for private gatherings and receptions.

Curaçao Sea Aquarium: This is a must-see attraction for those, who are interested in exploring marine life. The aquatic animals, which can be spotted here, include sea turtles, sharks and sea lions. It does not have a large variety of fish. It has an underwater observatory, through which you can see aquatic animals living in the deep.

Mambo Beach: This is a perfect place for beach bumps as it enables them to enjoy a large range of beach activities. During the night, it takes the form of a club, where DJs are performed. After midnight, this place becomes more frenetic and enjoyable. Those, who are fond of music and dancing, can attend this club fearlessly.

Landhuis Groot Santa Martha: This building dates back to 1675 and is one of the oldest houses on Curacao. In the 18th century, it accommodated a sugar mill, a cattle ranch and wells. It has been preserved very carefully and is now used for organizing various events.

Fort Amsterdam: This is also one of the most ancient buildings in Curacao and dates back to the 17th century. Inside it, there is Dutch colonial architecture for display.  It has many historical items to show to tourists. Now, it is used as a government office.

Playa Kalki: This is a small and solitary place, located near the far tip of the island.  It is an ideal place for those, who are scared of standing in a crowd and prefer peace and tranquility. Moreover, the sea life is more pleasurable here. All in all, it is a good place for tourists to enjoy their holidays.

Hato Caves

This is a network of caves with figures and faces of horses and pirates ingrained in the limestone walls. One of the caves inside it accommodates a large species of bats.  There is nothing to be scared of these caves because the trail that passes them is full of illumination. 

Museum Kura Hulanda

This museum throws light on the history of slavery that prevailed in the New World. In addition to this, it has a collection of artifacts and art that belong to West Africa. It also showcases the considerable African influences on the Caribbean culture.

Vacation Rentals in Curacao

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