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Tennessee Vacation Home Rentals

Tennessee, a well-known U.S. state, nicknamed as The Volunteer State, with a humid subtropical climate, is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It is so vast that it is trifurcated into Bluegrass, Country and Blues. With moderate temperature, varied culture, marvels, cuisines, sports and musical background, it corresponds to the mood of every tourist. In addition, it has a very interesting history related to Mound Builders. When it comes to vacationing in this region, it gives a wonderful holidaying experience to tourists. Tennessee vacation home rentals are available for all budgets. So, tourists with both tight budgets and fat wallets can enjoy their vacation without any financial constraints.  Tennessee vacation cabin rentals, equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities, enable tourists to live lavishly and enjoyably.

Top Tourist Attractions in Tennessee

Some of the top-rated attractions that have made Tennessee one of the most sought destinations in the world include the following:

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The flora and fauna of this park is so enticing that it is famous around the world. The ancient mountains located here give visitors ample opportunities for various activities, such as camping, hiking, and trekking.  Worth-visiting places inside this park include Cades Coves, a valley and Sugarlands.  Those, who are fond of adventure, can get a good chance to enjoy an overnight camping trip and a stay in a cabin that lies deep in the dense jungle. Overall, this is the most frequented park in the U.S. 

Oak Ridge: American Museum of Science and Energy

This museum is the right place to gain information about the history of nuclear energy. It has documents, artefacts, photos and video related to the Manhattan Project and the nuclear bomb. The other displays throw light on the national defense which is revealed through tools, weapons and protective clothes and shields kept here.   

The Lost Sea Adventure

This is an amazing huge cave system that lies at a distance of 46 miles from Knoxville, in Sweetwater. It provides tourists with a large variety of tour options, such as boat trips, canoeing, etc. It has many attractions— Cavern Tavern, Old Sweetwater Village, etc. It is fully safe and secure place and there is nothing to feel scared of. Those, who are courageous and adventurous, will certainly enjoy this terrible cave.

The Museum of Appalachia 

This is a very large museum that throws light on the customs, livelihoods and culture of those people who lived in the Appalachian Mountains. Tourists can spend here a good time to know much more about past activities such as farming, weaving, etc. The amazing thing about this museum is that it has over 250,000 artifacts. Thus, this museum can enrich one’s knowledge considerably. An interesting three-day event, known as the annual Tennessee Fall Homecoming, is celebrated here in the month of October.

Lookout Mountain

This is a good place for an outing with a family. From here, tourists can enjoy the best views of Tennessee. Reaching here is quite easy as it does not involve any skirmishes. In fact, it is one-mile long journey carried out on a trolley-styled car, which has an inclination of 73%.  Once tourists get at the top of it, they can get to see many attractions—underground waterfall, the deepest cave, Ruby Falls, Rocky City, etc. 

The Parthenon

This is one of the most spectacular attractions of Tennessee. It has a great historical importance for tourists. It is known to be built in 1897 for the commemoration of the state’s centenary.  Being made up of cement, it has very impressive dimensions. It accommodates a statue of Athena Parthenos, Art gallery, etc. Those, who have good retention power, can gain lots of historical information here.

Hello, Dollywood

This is so attractive destination that every year over three million visitors come here. Spread in the 290-acre land, it is a perfect place to spend some time with a family.  It provides over 40 rides to tourists. In addition, there are many festivals and live concerts. The Dollywood Express, an old steam railway is available for touring the passengers around the park.  The chief attractions include the Dollywood Dream More Resort and Splash Country Water Park.

Vacation Home Rentals in Tennessee

For the booking of vacation homes, tourists are suggested to contact Find American Rentals, one of the most reliable Tennessee vacation home rentals by owner. It can offer various types of no booking fee vacation rentals to tourists—condo, chalets, apartments and villas. It directly connects tourists with the owner of vacation rentals.