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About Vacation Rentals in Arkansas

Arkansas, a southern US state, is a very pleasing vacation spot with 9,700 miles of rivers and streams, 600,000 acres of lakes, numerous parks, grassland areas and mountains and caves. With a humid subtropical climate, it creates a conducive atmosphere for tourists coming here from every part of the world. Due to its exceptional natural surroundings, it is famous as the ‘Natural State’ all over the country. The enjoyable activities indulged in here include turkey hunting, fishing for trout and digging for crystals. All in all, it is a perfect destination for those enthusiasts, who want to experience the real natural bliss. When it comes to accommodation of tourists, there are various types of vacation home rentals in Arkansas—villas, cottages, condos, apartments, and cabins.

The enticing places to visit in Arkansas

Magnolia Falls: This is an amazing waterfall, located in the Upper Buffalo River Wilderness of the Ozark Forest. It is 26 feet high and flows down into a pool. The best time to visit it is the winter season because during this time, there are rock formations covered by ‘curtains’. To reach it, tourists are advised to hike a 2.5 trail, which will lead them to an area of rock features and towering bluffs.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park: This is a very large park, spread over 2,356-acre of land. Pinnacle Mountain is the central part of it. Hiking is the most enjoyable activity here. Following this, there are trails for hikers—two 1.5-mile summit trails and a base loop trail. It is completely dedicated to environmental education. Tourists can indulge themselves in various activities, such as boating tours, canoeing and hiking.

Riverfront Park, Little Rock: This is a large recreational green space. Here, tourists can relax and unwind themselves and visit some historical sites, such as the Riverfront Park History Pavilion and the Little Rock Civil War Marker. The other attractions of this park include the First Security Amphitheater, the Witt Stephens Jr. Central Arkansas Nature Center and the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden.

Mount Magazine State Park: This is an ideal park for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The activities often indulged in here include hang-gliding, rappelling, rock-climbing, technical climbing, horse riding and mountain biking.  In addition, tourists can view interactive exhibits and spend a few nights in campsite and cabin.

Christ of the Ozarks: Located on top of Magnetic Mountain, this statue is an interesting site to visit. It is known to have been erected in the year 1966 and is the focal point of ‘the theme park.’ The other attractions located nearby it include a Cultural and Biblical History Museum, an Israeli bomb shelter and the Berlin Wall. Hiking is the most enjoyable activity here.

Ozark Folk Center State Park: This park is an abode of many things—heritage of the region, crafts, arts and music. In addition, tourists can see numerous craftsmen, potters, and blacksmiths. Tourists can also attend classes to learn how to play music on an autoharp. They can also go to downtown Mountain View to see ‘Folk Music Capital of the World’.

Best Time to Visit Arkansas

The best time to visit Arkansas is from April 2nd to May 27th when the weather remains warm and there are the least chances of rainfall and snowfall.

How to Visit Arkansas?

Tourists can easily access Arkansas from any part of the world. It boasts an international airport by the name of ‘Arkansas International Airport’ which lies at a distance of 6 km from Blytheville. It is run by the Gosnell Regional Airport Authority. In addition, there are many regional airports—Texarkana Regional Airport, Fort Smith Regional Airport, Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, etc. Local transportation includes buses, cars and taxis.

Vacation home rentals in Arkansas

Accommodations are readily available in Arkansas. Tourists are advised to contact Find American Rentals, a reliable Arkansas vacation rental by owner. It offers no booking fee vacation rentals to tourists at affordable prices. The home rentals are equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities to facilitate the living of tourists.