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Wyoming, the 10the largest state in USA, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. With asemi-arid and continental climate, it abounds with beautiful mountains and plains and charming lakes. Being surrounded by major attractions in all directions—South Dakota on the east, Idaho on the west, Montana on the north and Colorado on the south—, it is also famous as ‘Equality State’. The outdoor activities available for tourists include wildlife watching, river rafting, camping, snowmobiling, downhill skiing & snowboarding and fishing. Regarding accommodations of tourists, various types of vacation home rentals in Wyomingvillas, cottages, condos and cabins—are available at very affordable prices.

Why Visit Wyoming?

Wyoming is full of wilderness and adventures. It is an ideal tourist destination for those, who like to be surrounded by various species of wild plants, birds and animals. It is also famous for its local cuisines, shopping sprees and must-visit places.

Things to Visit in Wyoming

Wyoming is a tourist destination with many places to visit. Those that tourists must include in their bucket list to get sufficient knowledge about its picture include the following:

Cheyenne: This is one of the oldest cities in Wyoming, where tourists can indulge in many things. It throws light on the early history of this state that began in 1867. The top attractions of this region include the historical railroad, the Wyoming State Museum and a National Historic Landmark.

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area: Located on the Wyoming/Montana border, it is a major attraction for tourists. Red cliffs with over 1,000 feet height rest on it. The wild animals often seen here are bears, golden eagles, wild horses, etc. The activities tourists can indulge in are swimming at Bighorn Lake, camping in the wilderness, boating, trout fishing and hiking.

Devils Tower National Monument: Lying at a distance of 1, 2000 feet above Wyoming's eastern plains, this is an amazing geological gem for tourists. It has many exhibits and photos that throw light the culture and history of the area around. The activities available for tourists include hiking along nature trails, rock climbing, fishing and ranger-led tours. During the early summer, wildflowers create fantastic views for tourists.

Fort Laramie National Historic Site: It is believed that once this attraction was fur-trading post. Later, in 1938, it was declared a national monument by President Roosevelt.  But, now it is managed by the National Park Service. Tourists should visit its visitor center first, from where they will be able to see a short audio visual presentation that tells a fable about the fort’s history. In addition, artifacts, such as weapons and uniforms are displayed here.

National Historic Trails Interpretive Center: As one of the best family-oriented attractions, it is more than a museum that throws light on the history of the US. Tourists should climb the rear side of a wagon to have a glimpse of a simulated river crossing and also see movies that throw light on the stories of the pioneers. Admission is free of cost.

Beaches near Wyoming

During summer months, beaches are the only places, where tourists can find complete solace and relief. The best beaches located near Wyoming are the following:

South Park: This beach has many facilities for tourists—restrooms, a small craft, tube launch and a new entrance. So, they can have complete relaxation and rejuvenation. For taking photographs of diverse landscapes, rivers and streams, they should bring a camera with them.

Snake River Canyon: Famous all over the world, this beach has a unique geology, crystal-clear water, different varieties of wildlife and many recreational adventures. The activities available for tourists include camping, hiking and fishing. They can also enjoy sleeping under the stars on this beach.

Salt River: Spread over 84 miles, this is a flat-water river. Once it was a popular destination for both Indians and pioneers seeking game and salt. It is home to various varieties of fish—Trout, Brook and Snake River Fine Spotted Cutthroat, Brook, Rainbow and Brown. The activities tourists can indulge in are tubing floats, rafting, kayaking and canoeing.

Pacific Creek: As an excellent fishing destination, this creek starts from North Two Ocean Creek and divides into Pacific and Atlantic Creeks. One can keep one’s family completely entertained. Apart from picnicking, tourists can see scenic landscapes and enjoy strolling.

Best Time to Visit Wyoming

The best time to visit Wyoming is from June 11thto September 16th in terms of safety, weather tourism. During this time, the temperature remains favorable for most of the time and there are the least chances of rainfall and snowfall. As a result, tourists can enjoy a vacation to their heart’s content.

How to Visit Wyoming?

Tourists can easily visit Wyoming without much hustle and bustle. The chief airports located here are Jackson Hole Airport, Casper/Natrona County International Airport, Yellowstone Regional Airport and Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport. The local means of transportation include cars, buses, taxis, trains and trams.

Vacation Home Rentals in Wyoming

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