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About Vacation Home Rentals in Montana

Montana, the fourth largest state in the USA, is both stunning and charming tourist destination located in the Rocky Mountains region. In terms of its natural beauty, it is so good that it is famous as ‘Big Sky Country’ and also ‘Last best place on Earth’. Due to its vast expanse, it has been bifurcated into Eastern Montana and Western Montana. With a semi-arid climate, it abounds with many natural attractions—prairies, parks, valleys, glaciers, lakes, etc. In terms of recreational activities, whitewater rafting, floating, boating, and fly fishing are commonly practiced by locals and international tourists. Various types of vacation home rentals in Montana for the accommodation of tourists include villas, cottages, condos and cabins.

Why Visit Montana?

The nature quote bestowed on Montana ‘Last best place on Earth’ is enough to convince any tourist to visit it. Indeed, it is a natural paradise deftly created by God on this earth. Besides, it enables tourists to tantalize their taste buds with some of its best local foods, such as pasta, yak, bison and morel mushrooms and indulge in exciting water sports.

Things to Visit in Montana

Montana boasts many appealing touristy places. Those that have dazzled most tourists the world over include the following:

Gates of the Mountains Wilderness: Located at a distance of 20 miles from Helena, this mountainous area is a popular recreational area. Its name has been derived from Meriwether Lewis. Spread over 28,000 acres of land, it has 50 miles of hiking trails. It has many natural features for tourists to explore and they can also know the reason why Meriwether Lewis was associated with this place.

The Moss Mansion: This is one of the best attractions in Billings. It is known to have been built in 1903 by Henry Janeway Hardenbergh, a famous architect of New York. It has many things to dazzle tourists—artifacts, Persian carpets, furniture, fixtures and draperies. Besides, self-guided and guided tours are available for tourists. 

Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park: Located between Bozeman and Butte, this state park is a wonderful recreational spot for tourists. It is also the first state park of Montana and has been a major source of attraction to both locals and foreigners. During the summer months, different tours are available for tourists. It has a campground, hiking trails and a visitor’s center.

The World Museum of Mining: This is a very old museum that throws light on the early miserable life of miners living in Montana.   Located in Butte, it has over three dozen building and structures. It has many artifacts, fluorescent minerals, a 400-pound quartz crystal and a 27-and-a-half-troy-ounce gold nugget.

The C.M. Russell Museum Complex: Located in Great Falls, this museum is associated with the life and work of Charles M. Russell, a famous US artist. The exhibits inside it include artifacts and documents related to the career of an artist. Besides, it also throws light on the culture and history of this state. Russell Riders Sculpture Garden is a chief attraction of this museum.

Beaches near Montana

Montana boasts pristine beaches, where tourists can experience wonder and excitement. Beaches that have made this state popular in terms of their natural beauty, amenities and recreational activities include the following:

Canyon Ferry Lake: This is a wonderful beach with wildlife sightings and boating and swimming facilities. In addition, it has some historical sites related to Lewis and Clark.

Whitefish City Beach: Spread over 7 miles of land, this beach features docks, swimming areas and fishing rentals. Besides, paddleboards and kayaks are also available for tourists. For the convenience of tourists, it has restaurants and shopping malls.

Cooney Reservoir: Located south of Billings, this is an ideal place for tourists to enjoy day trips. It boasts a playground, public restrooms and beaches. Tourists can have a whale of a time here.

Avalanche Lake: Located in Glacier National Park, this lake is laden with amazing natural features including waterfalls and mountains. So, tourists are advised to bring cameras with them to store sweet memories. 

Best Time to Visit Montana

In terms of weather and safety, the best time to visit Montana is from June 18th to September 16th. During these months, the average temperature lies between 13°C to 49°C. So, tourists can easily stay in this destination to have the time of their lives.

How to Visit Montana?

Both national and international tourists can easily reach Montana without any problems. The chief airports located here include Helena Regional Airport, Bert Mooney Airport, Missoula International Airport and Billings Logan International Airport. In addition, cars, buses, trains and trams are other means of local transportation in this state.

Vacation Home Rentals in Montana

For booking comfortable vacation rentals, it is suggested that tourists contact one of the best Montana vacation rentals by owner, Find American Rentals. It provides no-booking-fee vacation rentals to tourists at affordable prices. Its services are available 24X7 on a prompt basis.