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About Vacation Home Rentals in South Dakota

South Dakota, the seventeenth-largest state in the USA, is an enchanting tourist destination.  Surrounded by major attractions in all directions—Minnesota in the east, Wyoming in the west,North Dakota in the north, Nebraska in the south—it is a great source of attraction to both national and international tourists. With a continental climate, it boasts great lakes, national forest, state parks, rivers, mountains, caves, tunnels, monuments and memorials. For the accommodations of tourists, various types of affordable vacation homesare available. Those, who have tight budgets, can go for cheap vacation rentals. All theserental homesare well-furnishedand equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities to make tourists’ lives enjoyable during a vacation.

Why Visit South Dakota?

There are plenty of things related to nature, history and culture for tourists to perceive visually, explore and indulge. Plus, they can stir up their taste buds with different local cuisines and go for a shopping spree.

Things to Visit in South Dakota

South Dakota boasts both natural and man-made attractions that are worth visiting for tourists. Those that are must-see for any zealous tourist include the following:

Wind Cave National Park: Located north of Hot Springs, this attraction has a karstic cave system, which is largest in the world. It is known to have been discovered by a hunter in 1881. The cave also contains ‘boxwork’, a delicate cave structure. Many Park Ranger guided tours are available every day for tourists. The above area of this park looks very beautiful with hills and roaming bison.

Badlands National Park: As one of the most frequented destinations in South Dakota, this park consists of pinnacles and hills formed from the erosion of sand and clay. A herd of bison is always seen inside the park, which gives a unique look to this park. Besides, hiking trails are also found inside it. Tourists can get maps from the park administration to guide themselves.

Custer State Park: This Park is one of the best national parks in the state. It offers many opportunities to tourists for sightseeing and recreational activities. It has streams, lakes forests and many other natural features. A large herd of bison finds shelter inside this park. Tourists can access it through Iron Mountain Road and the Needles Highway. The adventurous activities for tourists include horseback riding, biking and hiking.

Deadwood: Nestled in the Black Hills scenery, this city is a testimony of the past glory of the state. It looks very serene and calm. Some of its best attractions include the Broken Boot Gold Mine, the Adams Museum and reenacted shootouts on Historic Main Street. The Mount Moriah Cemetery is the final resting place for tourists. Tourists will enjoy a great time in knowing the history of this ancient place.

Good Earth State Park at Blood Run: Located on the outskirts of Sioux Falls, this park has a deep history associated with it. It is also regarded as one of the oldest areas in the country. It has a lush area that was once a trading center and also a gathering place for the Oneota peoples. Tourists can learn lots of things related to the history and culture of this area.

Beaches near South Dakota

For the relaxation and rejuvenation of tourists, beaches are the best places for tourist in South Dakota. Beaches that are equipped with the modern amenities and enable tourists to indulge in various exciting activities include the following:

Stockade Lake: As one of the largest lakes in Custer State Park, it has recreational vehicles with tents. It provides all modern amenities to campers. It has a playground and swimming beach. Exciting activities include fishing and hiking.

Richmond Lake: With an area more than 1,000-acre, this lake has three separate areas that fulfill the needs of various types of vacationers—boaters, naturalists, swimmers, campers and anglers. Campsites are also available for the accommodation of tourists. Wildlife viewing is the most enjoyable activity here.

Mina Lake: This is a family-friendly spot with many picnic areas, hiking trails and campgrounds. It is one of the first man-made lakes in the state. The activities available for tourists to indulge in are swimming, fishing and boating.

Sylvan Lake Beach: Regarding as the jewel of Custer State Park, this lake is an excellent place for tourists to chill out. It has many cliffs, where tourists can enjoy jumping. Paddle boats are available on rent at the general stores. Tourists can indulge in boating, swimming, hiking and fishing.

Best Time to Visit South Dakota

In terms of weather, safety and tourism, the best time to visit South Dakota is from May 14th to September 30th.  During this time, the temperature remains moderate and there is the least possibility of rainfall and snowfall.

How to Visit South Dakota?

Both national and international tourists can easily access South Dakota without much hustle and bustle. The biggest international airport located here is Joe Foss Field and the major domestic airports are Sioux Falls Regional Airport, Rapid City Regional Airport and Aberdeen Regional Airport. The local means of transportation include cars, buses, trains and trams.

Vacation Home Rentals in South Dakota

For the comfortable accommodations of tourists, various types of vacation home rentals in South Dakota—villas, cottages, condos, apartments, chalets and cabins—are available at affordable prices. Tourists are advised to contact Find American Rentals, one of the best South Dakota vacation rentals by owner, to book a rental of their choice. It provides no-booking-fee vacation rentals without any dilly-dallying around the clock.