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San-Antonio, the third-largest city in Texas and twenty-fourth largest in the USA, is a cosmopolitan tourist destination. It has a humid subtropical climate, an invigorating environment and lush greenery. Also famous as Greater San Antonio, it has rich culture and heritage, lots of amusements parks, art and galleries and historical sites. The locals are interesting and mingle up with tourists with great respect and warmth. Apart from these things, it is famous for its varied dining and shopping options. Regarding accommodations for tourists, various types of vacation home rentals in San-Antoniovillas, cottages, condos and cabins—are available at very affordable prices.

Why Visit San-Antonio?

San-Antonio is a perfect tourist destination for those who apart from viewing attractions, expect warm regard and hospitality from the locals. It also enables tourists to stir up their taste buds with various delicacies and indulge in wonderful shopping opportunities.

Things to Visit in San-Antonio

San-Antonio abounds with a large number of attractions. The most popular ones that every tourist should put on their radar include the following:

Zoos and Theme Parks: Spread over 35-acre land, it is one of the most famous attractions in San-Antonio. Spending a day with a family is a very exciting activity here. It has 750 species of animals, so the total number of animals present is 3500. In addition, it boasts the San Antonio Zoo Eagle and a narrow-gauge railroad.  Tourists can also have the pleasure of safari.

San Antonio Museum of Art and the McNay Art Museum: Visiting this museum is a fantastic experience for tourists. It has a collection of Roman and Greek antiquities as well as American, European and Asian art. Other highlights include Roman, Greek and Egyptian artworks and also a collection of Asian and Chinese art. The McNay Art Museum is another interesting highlight of this attraction.

Japanese Tea Garden: This is an extremely beautiful garden with a cool ambience and relaxing space. It has many interesting things to lure the attention of tourists—ponds with Koi, exotic plants and a stone pavilion. For the refreshment of tourists, an onsite restaurant, famous as ‘the Juingu House’ is located nearby. This restaurant has both outdoor and indoor dining space.

Historic Market Square: Famous as the largest Mexican market in the US, it is an ideal place for tourists to buy unique items and souvenirs. The local shops located here sell all kinds of interesting things that range from dresses, shoes, ponchos, jewelry to blankets, dolls and paintings. It is a very old market, which was set up in 1941.

San Fernando Cathedral & San Antonio|The Saga: As one of the oldest cathedrals in the US, this is the burial site of the heroes of the Alamo. It also finds its position on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built by the settlers, who came from the Canary Islands. During the night, it becomes a dazzling attraction for tourists.

Beaches near San-Antonio

Beaches are the best places for tourists to cool their jets in San-Antonio. The popular beaches of this destination include the following:

Surfside Beach: Being quieter and cleaner than other beaches in San-Antonio, it enables tourists to relax completely. Surfing is the most enjoyable activity here. Tourists can also build bonfires during night time for their barbecue.

S'Arenal de San Antonio: Located in the center of in the resort of San Antonio, this is an ideal beach for tourists to spend some quality time. In terms of facilities, it has restaurants, bars, shops, lifeguards, etc. The activities available for tourists include waterskiing, jet-skiing and boating.

Calo des Moro: Located near the sunsets cafes in the resort of San Antonio, this is a fabulous beach for tourists to relax and rejuvenate. It has many facilities for tourists—sunbeds, shower, parasols, lifeguards, toilets, restaurants, shops and bars.

Padre Island National Seashore: This is the longest underdeveloped island in the world with pristine beaches. It has a soothing environment, under which tourists can recharge their physical and mental batteries and also stir up their taste buds with local dishes available in bistros nearby.

Best Time to Visit San-Antonio

The best time to visit this tourist destination is from November to April when the weather remains cool and the hotel rates are also less than other seasons. So, tourists will be comfortable enjoying their vacations.

How to Visit San-Antonio?

Both local and international tourists can access San-Antonio without much hustle and bustle. The main airports located here are Victoria Regional Airport, Robert Gray Army Air Field Airport, San Antonio International Airport and Austin Bergstrom International Airport. The local means of transportation include buses, cars and taxis.

Vacation Home Rentals in San-Antonio

FindAmericanRentals, one of the best San-Antonio vacation rentals by owner, offers no-booking-fee vacation rentals to tourists at very affordable prices. Its rental services are available around the clock, so tourists can contact it anytime to book their accommodations.