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Kansas Vacation Rentals

Kansas is one of the best tourist destinations in the U.S. with many summer vacation spots, zoos, parks, theatres, art museums, cafes, restaurants, etc.  With three types of climate—humid subtropical, semi-arid steppe and humid continental—it is an awesome place for tourists coming here from all over the world year-round.  As far as the vacation home rentals in Kansas are concerned, they are available for all budgets. So, tourists with both fat wallets and tight budgets can fulfill their dreams of enjoying their vacations here. Those, who are fond of foodies, shopping, arts and exciting activities, will find it as one of the most suitable vacation spots for their activities.

The attractions that make Kansas one of the most desirable spots for vacationing include the following:

Museum of World Treasures

It is one of the most interesting museums in the U.S. It has two royal mummies that belong to Egypt and 10 dinosaurs for display. In addition, other displays are exhibits that belong to Vietnam, world wars, civil war and the revolutionary war. There are also exhibits on sportstars, musicians, Hollywood stars and the Wild West. For kids, there is moon walk, puppet theatre and more. Thus, there are lots of things to explore and enjoy in this museum. It is both educational and impressive. One should come here with a family including kids to get lifelong learning.

Riverboat Casinos

It is a contemporary destination with movie theatres, concert venues, lounges, restaurants, spas, hotels, etc.  Hence, it is suitable for tourists of all tastes and preferences. It remains open 24X7 from Friday to Saturday. From Sunday to Thursday it remains open from 8 a.m. to 5 a.m.  Tourists can visit it per their suitability and convenience.

Kansas City Zoo

It is an amazing zoo for tourists, where they can take the glimpses of animals, which hail from the seven continents. It is just like taking a tour all over the world. Covering an area of 200 acres, it accommodates over 900 animals. One of the most theatres in the U.S., IMAX Theater, is located next to it. Tourists can enrich their knowledge about wild animals in this zoo.

Powell Gardens

It is a very old garden that dates back to 1948. It is believed that George E. Powell purchased it. Since then, it has been used as an agricultural and natural resource centre, a boy scout camp and a dairy farm.  Since 1988, it has been a famous botanical garden.  Spread over an area of 3.9 km2, it has 6,000 varieties of plants. In addition, it enables tourists to see an interesting architecture, intricate designs and a nature trail. Visitors are allowed to seek entry into it during the daytime after paying a certain amount of fee. 

Roanoke Park

This park is an important part of Kansas City. Located between limestone outcroppings and hills, it is a wonderful place for recreational activities of tourists. Its important features include a ballpark, a tennis court, soccer fields, a playground, a sand volleyball court and hiking & biking trails. The community center amenities include a gymnasium, a fitness center, and a computer lab, meeting rooms, a kitchen, a library and Wi-Fi. Although this park is very old, it has transformed into a modern and beautiful area. It holds great historical importance for tourists.

Historic City Market

It is the largest market in the city. It is known to have become operational in the year 1857. There is a large variety of commodities available in this market— baked goods, speciality foods, flowers, meats and many other items from the Middle, Europe, Africa, America and Far East.   There are over 140 farmer stalls in this market with restaurants, gift shops and many more.  It remains open for shoppers seven days a week year-round.

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

It is dedicated to Negro league baseball’s players in the U.S. Hence, it is a great source of inspiration to those, who are fond of playing baseball. It was set up in 1991 with an intention of spreading awareness about this game.  Those, who are unknown to it, can realize its importance and gain sufficient information about it.

Vacation Rentals in Kansas

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