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Vermont, colloquially known as the Green Mountain State, is an enlivening and quaint tourist destination in the USA. With an area of 24,900 km2m, it is the 45th largest state in the country. It is surrounded by major attractions in all directions—New Hampshire on the east, New York on the west, the Canadian province of Quebec on the north and Massachusetts on the south. It has a humid continental climate and abounds with diverse flora and fauna, including a large variety of mammals, birds fishes and reptiles. Hiking, skiing and mountaineering are the adventurous activities for tourists. In terms of accommodation, various types of vacation home rentals in Vermont—condos, cottages, villas, apartments, cabinsand chalets—are available at very affordable prices.

Why Visit Vermont?

Vermont is one of the greenest regions in the country with lakes, mountains, exciting adventures, salivating foods and lots of fun activities. So, tourists of any age group will be comfortable in this tourist destination.

Things to Visit in Vermont

There are many attractions including both natural and man-made in Vermont. Those that every enthusiastic tourist must include in his or her bucket list to have an unforgettable vacation experience include the following:

Quechee Gorge: This is the deepest gorge in the state and is known to have been formed about 13, 000 years ago. A trail passes through the woods to the bottom of this gorge, where tourists can see its bottom. Vermont Institute of Natural Science lies on route number 4, just close to it. Inside it, raptors are rehabilitated. Tourists are advised to view this gorge from the walkway that goes along the arched iron bridge.

Green Mountain National Forest: As one of the most appealing attractions in the state, this national forest has many features to lure tourists—waterfalls, campgrounds, picnic areas and trails for hiking. The Appalachian Trail passes through the southern section of this forest and the Long Trail goes from the Canadian border to the Massachusetts border. Hiking is the most enjoyable activity for tourists. Plus, its natural beauty knows no bounds.

Church Street Marketplace: Located in the heart of Burlington, this street is a vibrant place for organizing various public events. It has public artworks, benches, sidewalk cafes, boutiques, restaurants and shops.  Visiting it sounds highly prestigious on tourists’ part as it is one of the Great Public Spaces in the US also listed as a National Register Historic District. Form upper-floor guest rooms located here, tourists can have a glimpse of Lake Champlain.

Stowe: Lying in the snow belt of the state, this city throws light on the glory days and heritage of this state. It has many interesting things—weathered barns, ski trails, covered bridge, white-spired church, art galleries, boutiques and food and lodging.  Tourists can see many amazing exhibits of works done by great artists in the Helen Day Art Center. Enjoyable activities that tourists can indulge in are cycling, walking skating.

Shelburne Museum: This is an open-air museum that throws light on art traditions and history of Vermont. Inside it, tourists can explore many things—hooked rugs,handmade hatboxes, American quilts and collections of carved decoys. In addition, tourists can see a different kind of farming done in New England, visit the gardens and sip tea. It gives such an experience to them that they will never forget in their lives.

Beaches near Vermont

Beaches are the best places for tourists to cool their jets and have a whale of a time. Those that are famous in terms of their modern facilities and amenities include the following:

Maidstone State Park: Located at the end of a 6-mile road, this is one of the most spectacular parks in the state. It enables tourists to enjoy many amazing activities, such as salmon fishing, lake trout fishing and viewing nesting loons.

Burton Island State Park: This is one of the most popular state parks in this state. Hiking and camping are the two chief enjoyable activities here. It boasts a playground, picnic spots, bistros and restaurants. It is an ideal place for a get-together with a family.

Elmore State Park: Famous as the natural jewel of the state, this park has grassy areas and a sandy beach, where both adults and kids can play together. For the convenience of tourists, it has bathrooms and a snack bar. The activities for tourists include kayaking, canoeing, boating and paddleboarding.

Branbury State Park: This is 1000 feet long sandy beach with grassy area, where tourists can enjoy laze for a long time. It has a very cool ambience. The activities commonly practiced here are picnicking, sunning and swimming. Boats and recreational vehicles are available on rent.

Best Time to Visit Vermont

In terms of weather, safety and tourism, the best time to visit Vermont is from May 21stto September 30th.  During this time, the weather remains moderate and there is the least chance for snowfall and rainfall.

How to Visit Vermont?

Vermont can be easily accessed by both national and international tourists without much hustle and bustle. The chief airports located here are John H. Boylan State Airfield, Franklin County State Airport, Burlington International Airport and Albany International Airport. The local means of transportation include cars, buses, trains and trams.

Vacation Home Rentals in Vermont

Find American Rentals, one of the best Vermont vacation rentals by owner, provides no-booking-fee vacation rentals to tourists at affordable prices. Its services are available around the clock on a prompt basis. Tourists are advised to get in touch with it to book their accommodations.