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An archipelago that makes Central America the apple of most tourists’ eyes

Central America is a huge expanse, which is surrounded by the Caribbean and Pacific oceans. It is comprised of seven tropical countries—Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. This paradise is packed with lush forest, unfathomable seas and thickly laden vegetation. There are various types of vacation home rentals in Central America for the accommodation of tourists. A chain of islands that make it one of the most attractive touristy destinations in the world include the following:

Roatan, Honduras: It is one of the biggest islands in the world. It has white sand, pure water and thick vegetation. Diving is one of the most enjoyable activities in this island. In addition, sun basking is another activity that tourists crave here.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua: It is a white-sanded beach, located in the Southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Sport fishing and surfing are the two enjoyable activities on this island. William Walker's fort is a famous attraction on it.

Monterrico, Guatemala: It is a black-sanded island, located on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. Since it is prone to powerful tides, beach bumping and surfing are common activities on this island. From here, one can get a clear view of sea turtles.  

Manuel Antonia, Costa Rica: It is a white-sanded beach, located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio National Park is the best place on this island for having wildlife views and coming across wild animals.

Playa Tunco, El Salvador: It is one of the most valuable resources of Central America. This is an ideal beach for surfers, who try to compete with each other. There are also many surf schools for beginners to learn surfing on it. In addition, there are also many beach front bars for tourists to experience the tranquil atmosphere.

Ambergris Caye, Belize: It is one of the largest beaches in this country. It has a soothing Caribbean ambiance and provides highly enjoyable activities to tourists to relax their nerves— cruising, caving, snorkeling and diving. 

Enjoying budget-friendly tour to Central America to get a unique experience

Travelling to Central American regions is one of the most enjoyable activities in tourists’ lives. It hardly matters what part of the world you belong to. You can easily access the regions of Central America.  It boasts some famous international airports—Tocumen International Airport, Panama; Juan Santamaría, Costa Rica; Comalapa International Airport, El Salvador and La Aurora International Airport, Guatemala. There are many flights to Central American countries. So, it is not problematic for tourists to access them. Local means of transportation, such as taxis, cars, buses, etc. are available around the clock for carrying passengers to their respective destinations. Central American travel deals are also available for tourists, so that they can travel at low budgets to save their pennies.

Apart from this, affordable Latin American travel packages are also available for tourists. By availing themselves of these packages, they can get the best vacation rental in Central America and make their vacations both affordable and enjoyable. These packages also include a tour to the selected place. As a result, they need not worry about where to go next. However, if they want to manage their trip, then they can do so by searching online for the famous touristy places in their selected areas.  

Most tourists opine that accommodation is Central American regions is very expensive and only the rich can afford it. But, it is the wrong notion. All classes of tourists can stay in Central America as there are many condos, cottages, hotels and inns for all budgets. They all are equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, living room, dining hall, patio, parking, Wi-Fi, Internet access, DVD, Cable/TV, etc.

What you need to do is rent your accommodation per your budget. Just chew on ‘cut your coat according to your cloth and you won’t land in any trouble.  Basically, hotels are more expensive than condos or villas, though the amenities of both types of accommodation are almost the same. But, it matters a bit with regard to living standard. But, if you have a tight budget, always go for a cheaper accommodation. Find American Rentals, Central America vacation rental by owner, books rentals for tourist with no booking fees.

Central America abounds with a large variety of foods, adventure and attractions. The most sought-after restaurants include Panama City Restaurants, Arenal Volcano National Park Restaurants, San Pedro Sula Restaurants, San Pedro Restaurants, Jaco Restaurants, Heredia Restaurants etc. Mouth-watering delicacies served in these restaurants include Johnny Cakes (Belize), Gallo Pinto (Nicaragua and Costa Rica), and Deserts (Guatemala), Filete in Salsa Jalapena (Nicaragua). Etc. Basically, food of Central America comprises corn, rice, beans, seafood, vegetables, meat and tortillas.

All these things are common products and they won’t spoil your digestive system if you eat unusual delicacies of Central America. Adventures include scuba diving, climbing Volcan Tajumulco, sailing the San Blas Islands, spelunking the Wet Caves, paragliding over Lago Atitlan, etc. The chief attractions of Central American regions include Ambergris Caye, Belize; Chiquibul Forest Reserve, Belize; Ometepe, Nicaragua; Roatan, Honduras; Copan, Honduras; Casco Viejo, Panama; Panama Canal, Panama and Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica, etc.

Indubitably, vacationing in Central America is really a unique experience. Nature has carved it in such a realistic fashion with its resources that it has become the apple of tourists’ eyes. Moreover, the vacation villa rentals in Central America allow tourists to live comfortably with all the amenities.  The areas of Central America have a mystical power to relax and soothe tourists from different parts of the world. Around the year, this paradise witnesses a huge influx of tourists. If you haven’t been to this place before, make up your mind at once to land on its soil. It is awaiting you with its open arms.