No booking fee no service fees vacation rentals policy to save travelers money is here to make your vacation stay more affordable and exciting as it is providing a large no. of rental homes with different types of properties and amenities at No booking fee, No service fee along with unrestricted communication.

Here you are going to get vacation rentals at the most adorable location with service staff and other amenities with luxury at no booking fee and no service fee facility. is providing you the rental properties at most of the part of the world. From which you can choose your destination and avail a rental according to your suitability such as self catering villas, cottage, chalet, apartments, special rescue units and B&B in exotic locations around the world.

Whereas other major vacation rental websites such as VRBO, Airbnb etc. charge booking fee and service fee from travelers and homeowners, which is not convenient for both. This is why Find American Rentals has launched no booking fee and no service fee facility, which helps travelers to find their choice of rental property at the convenience of paying No Booking Fee and No Service Fee.

So, enjoy your stay with at no booking fee and no service fee facility.



Based on an average weekly rental rate of $1520*

  • Find American Rentals Traveler Fee: $0
  • HomeAway/VRBO Traveler Fee: $182
  • Airbnb Traveler Fee: $182
  • TripAdvisor Traveler Fee: $220
  • com Traveler Fee $0



Based on an average annual vacation rental income of $28,000*.

  • Find American Rentals Average Owners Fee: $299
  • HomeAway/VRBO Average Owner Fees (depending on subscription model): $920 to $1,971
  • Airbnb Average Owner Fees: $1,400
  • TripAdvisor Average Owner Fees: $4,200
  • com Average Owner Fees: $4,200

Find American Rentals is the largest Vacation Rental directory with over 39100+ No Booking Fee Vacation Rentals by Owner. It is a completely trusted and open source online portal for directly booking like: Villas, Condos, Beach houses, Cottages, Cabins, etc.

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