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Alaska, the 49th largest state in the USA, is an enlivening tourist destination. It is surrounded by major attractions in all directions—the territory of Yukon on the east, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug of Russia on the west, the Chukchi and Beaufort seas of the Arctic Ocean on the north and the Pacific Ocean on the west. It has an oceanic climate and boasts many natural attractions, such as mountains, glaciers and parks. The activities available for tourists include fishing, snowmobiling, hiking, camping and whale watching. Regarding accommodations for tourists, various types of vacation home rentals in Alaskavillas, cottages, condos and cabins—are available at very affordable prices.

Why Visit Alaska?

Alaska is a worth visiting tourist destination with lots of attractions including both natural and man-made, various species of wildlife, adventures, nightlife and varied dining and shopping options.

Things to Visit in Alaska

Although Alaska boasts many attractions, those that you must visit to get a better understanding of this tourist destination include the following:

Mendenhall Glacier: Lying at a distance of 12 miles northwest of Juneau, this is an amazing attraction that you can access by road. It extends from the 1,500-square mile Juneau Icefield and terminates at the shores of a small lake. The activities you can indulge in are rafting and kayaking. The wild animals that can be spotted here are beavers, porcupines and black bears.

Totem Bight State Historic Park: This Park has fifteen poles, which are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In addition, there is a recreated clan house that belongs to the early 19th century. It is believed that in 1938 the US Forest Services started a project to erect totem poles. For this, funds were used to employ carvers, who recreated these totem poles.

Iditarod National Historic Trail: The importance of this attraction can be gauged from the fact that it is only the national scenic trail of this state. The length of this trail is more than 2300 miles between Nome and Seward. Earlier it was used by ancient hunters and now it is famous for the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Along this route, you will be able to see beautiful views of glaciers, mountains and wildlife.

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve: As the largest sprawling national park in the state, this park has nine of the sixteen highest peaks of in the US. It has features—mountain streams, lakes and glaciers and has a large variety of wildlife. It is an ideal place for water sports enthusiasts, walkers and climbers. If you are a sportsperson, you will enjoy a great time here.

University of Alaska Museum of the North: Located in Fairbanks, this museum has over one million historical artifact and pieces of natural history. The collections comprise ethnological items, where crafted and used by native people. The art collection also emphasizes on paleontology specimens, a bird collection, archaeological itemsfrom prehistoric cultures and Alaskan art. Joan Soranno is the architect of this museum.

Beaches near Alaska

Beaches are the best places for tourists to overcome the effects of dog days of summer. The best beaches, equipped with all the modern amenities, include the following:

The Homer Spit: Encompassing 4.5 miles into Kachemak Bay, this is a great beach has crystal-clear water and is surrounded by glacier-studded mountains. Kayaking is the most popular activity for tourists. It offers the best eagle viewings in the state. Eagles are also spotted here.

Eagle Beach: Nestled against the Tongass National Forest, this is a perfect place for you to enjoy picnicking and beachcombing. It is rechristened after a bald eagle that quite often perches on this beach. They hunt for salmon and other foodstuffs.

Black Sand Beach: This is a very fascinating beach with water cascading down hanging glaciers. Camping and kayaking are the two chief activities available for travelers on it. You can explore the massive rocks after paddling for five minutes from here.

Christiansen Lake: This beach has very deep and clean water. It is an ideal place for swimmers. If you are fond of swimming, you will have a great time here. It is also a good place to overcome simmering heat. It has a very cool ambience and abounds with rich flora and fauna.

Best Time to Visit Alaska

The best time to visit Alaska is from 15th June to 15th September. During this time, the weather remains warm and days are longer, which makes a pleasant vacation for travelers. It is also the best time to see wild animals—seals, sea otters, bears and whales.  Remember that the weather in this destination can change at any time of the year.

How to Visit Alaska?

Both local and international travelers can easily access Alaska without much hustle and bustle. The major airports located here are Ralph Wien Memorial Airport, Nome Airport, Juneau International Airport and Anchorage International Airport. Local means of transportation include buses, taxis and cars.

Vacation Home Rentals in Alaska

FindAmericanRentals, one of the best Alaska vacation rentals by owner, offers no-booking-fee vacation rentals to travelers at very affordable prices. Its services are available around the clock on a prompt basis. So, you can contact it anytime to book your accommodations.