Articles - Why is Croatia one of the hottest European destinations.

Have you ever been to Croatia? If your answer is No, this is the right time to go on vacation in Croatia. In order to have an adventurous vacation filled with full of passion and zeal, to discover the hidden treasures of unswayed and untouched nature, Croatia is the right place for you. If you are a philocalist admirer, discover the beauty of the veritable Mediterranean. In order to avail the inevitable Croatian hospitality and the 'A' grade accommodations Croatia is a place meant for you. It is a heaven for the holiday makers and an immense tourist terminal.

The world renowned National Geographic Adventure magazine in its yearly survey declared Croatia as the “Top Vacation Destinations in the World”.

Capital of Croatia - Zagreb

The city of Zagreb attracts the furlough seekers from every part of the world, well filled with lots of historic and architectural monuments. There are numerous megalithic structures which adds to the beauty of the city.
Stari Grad Plain situated on the island of Hvar, is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites which also symbolizes the preserved ancient Greek landscapes of the Mediterranean.

Local Currency of Croatia is Kuna however Euro and Dollars are acceptable all around.

Pula Croatia is ideal for beach lovers - The town of Pula possesses some impressive and astonishing beaches and boasts with some breathtaking architectural work which is quite evident from the Temple of Augustus and the famous amphitheater. To top up, an ideal place for Scuba Diving lovers.

Accommodations and Lodging in Croatia

Vacation home rentals in Croatia has a wide range of private apartments condos, villas, cabins for rent which are situated in an exquisite nature and environmental conditions of the eastern coast of Adriatic. The home rentals out here are very economical. The rates offered by these holiday home owners are very competitive from hotels keeping in mind the market competition.

Croatia is such a beautiful place that continues to draw travelers from around the world. People out here are so friendly and warm that holidaying in Croatia gives the vacationers the feel of home away from home.

The Brac Islands is Croatia’s famous beach which has a triangular spit shape. The glorious and magnificent feast in the coast of Croatian Adriatic is also one of the top vacation destination. The Plitvice lakes national park features impressive and majestic landscape, thereby giving a spectacular scenic scene. The natural beauty of the surroundings expresses a sense of extravagant miracle for any traveler, the green landscape and the crystal clear lake waters tops up the beauty.

To sum up, Croatia is a good package for vacationers who are seeking vacation for fun and leisure or for honeymooners. It is an ideal place to enjoy the vacation with friends and family or even retirees for that matter.

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Last Updated: Apr-27-2013