Articles - Utah-The Federal Republic of the West

Formerly known as the mainland, that included the native states of Alaska and other such territories. It was discovered as a mainland by the Genoese explorer Christopher Columbus. In modern era, this federal constitutional republic comprising of fifty states and a district is known as the USA or the United States of America. Situated mostly in Central America, with 3.79 million square miles and a population of over 312 million people it is the fourth largest country by total area and third largest by both land area and population. Until present day, it holds the esteemed distinction of being the inconvincible sole superpower of the world.

It holds the distinction of being the most ethnically diverse and is the hub of large-scale migration. Besides being culturally diverse, it has the strongest economy in the world and its GDP figures have placed it on the seventh position globally. The initial natives of USA were immigrants from Asia and were the bulk of the population before the colonization of the mainland commenced. In the later part of the 19th century after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it assumed the status of sole superpower in the world. In recent times the States, has a democratic form of government and freely exercises political, military and financial influence throughout the world. Among the various states within USA is a sparsely populated state of Utah.

The state derives its name from an ancient Ute tribe and it literally means “people of the mountains” in the traditional Ute language. To quote the population of Utah stands at a humble 2,817,222 people. Since it is one of the few center states, it covers an area of 219,890 square kilometers and has a vast variety of terrain and land features. It boasts of a dessert kind of climate and is famous for its various national parks and outdoor recreational activities like ski-jumping, speed skating and bobsleigh. The mode of transport available in the city is a light rail system and its network of highways, which connect to all parts of the States with ease. Moreover, these are rich centers of art and culture and mass entertainment.

Besides, it also has an airport known as the Salt Lake International Airport, which is a permanent stoppage for Delta Airlines. Within Utah is a statistically delineated or to be precise a depicted region is of Eden for the ease of collection of statistical data. A census-delineated place is so formed so as to provide sufficient data for those areas of population which are identifiable but do not come under the umbrella of the law of the state in which they are located. These include rural communities, colonies, resorts, retirement communities etc. Under the 2010 census, the population of Eden was a humble 600 only still it maintains a distinct PIN code of its own. The transport system of USA comprises of on call cabs, which are available 24x7 across the country and operate under a definite tariff structure as per the government guidelines and regulations. For staying, vacation rentals are a very good option. These vacation home rentals offer facilities just like homes.

Last Updated: Apr-26-2013