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What do a fun loving people want on a vacation? Vacation means rest, a break from the daily routine, lazy mornings, late night on dance floors, lots of yummy food, friends to chatter, dating and playing lot of sports.

To be frank you can enjoy all these on your weekends also but if you add few more things in it then it will become a proper vacation. First is deciding a place to visit. Nothing can give you more pleasure than touring. If you are living in USA, then deciding a place will not be difficult. Because it has, a variety of places to visit that will suit your choice. If you want relaxing holiday you can head to Mexico and if you want fun and frolic then you head to California. The most beautiful area to visit is the Lake Tahoe Region, which is famous for South Lake Tahoe.

Situated in the central coast is Santa Cruz. It is famous for its beaches, redwood forest, food and history.
When it comes to beaches, a clear picture of sea waves floats in the mind and along with the gushy winds trying to send you back, and of course staying in sun long hours to develop tan is just mouthwatering. All those fun lovers who are tired of sitting behind the desk all day with papers to read and pen to write; who need to oil their joints should plan their holiday trip to Santa Cruz. The aura of the place is magnetic enough to refill your heart with lively spirit.
Surfing on the beach, competing with the waves, fighting to move ahead of them, the controlling the blade to balance, and being punished by harsh waves if you loose control, is such a wonderful experience that no one can stop you from being happy. It’s like getting rid of all the tensions and living in the moment.

Running on a motor boat with speed of a wind and experiencing the shower by the sea is also refreshing. It is an alternative for those who could not surf but love adventure. Just imagine your self at the middle of the sea with no one to be seen just you and your date and the sound of the floating breeze. You will feel like Adam and eve, like the first human on the earth.
Then in lying on a beach in the lazy afternoon enjoying the heat with some book or drink is again very soothing. Listening to some rock number and dancing with your pal or playing volleyball is another juvenile experience.

Anyone, who have come to visit the place from other areas of the country or overseas, can stay in various hotels that would provide you with exotic view of sea beach, or opt for the vacation rentals, which are more popular these days. Most of these vacation home rentals provide with the facilities like delicious food especially seafood and wonderful room to wipe your days tiredness. There are many hotel situated very near the beaches almost a walking distance. The design of the hotel suits the mood of the tourists and its interior are equally relaxing.

If you have not planned a trip yet, then now is the time to start. You can find all the information regarding lodging on internet. This will prove to be a pleasant kick for your future days to come.

Last Updated: Apr-26-2013