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Central America is an isthmus in the southernmost region of North America. It connects continent of North America to South America, which is in southeast direction. It is generally considered as a subcontinent. Central America consists of seven states. They are - Panama, Belize, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Central America is a division of Mesoamerican biodiversity that has lot of heat as compared by other countries of that region. It stretches from north Guatemala until central Panama. It shares borders with Mexico in the northern area, Caribbean Sea in the eastern part, Northern part of Pacific Ocean in western parts and Colombia in the southeastern region. It stretches over 524,000 sq. kms of land or approximately 0.1 percent of Earth' area. Until the year 2009, population of this region was surveyed at 41,739,000. Population density is seventy-seven people per sq. km.

The basic information that one needs to know when he/she goes to Costa Rica is travel information. Buses are chiefly used as modes of transportation. Buses are cheap and easy to travel the place. Bus size here is comparatively small and less spacious. Tourist shall find trouble in taking heavy luggage that needs much of legroom. Another mode of transport is cars that can be rented. These are more expensive and the tourist must have an insurance, which shall cover damages of the car if it meets with an accident. Timings for business Costa Rica is very similar to that in the North America. Shops open for business from 8 AM- 5 PM. Sundays is a holiday for most of the businesses. The country follows Central Standard Time. Healthcare provisions in the country are well advanced. They offer latest medical care in up-to-date healthcare centers .Doctors over here speak English quite well.

Puntarenas province in Costa Rica is situated in western area. The province covers maximum area of Pacific Ocean coastline. It has the repute of being addressed as the biggest province in the country. It shares borders with provinces of Alajuela, Guanacaste, Limon, San Jose and neighbor country Panama. Its capital also has the same name, Puntarenas. It covers 11,266 sq. Kms of area. Population of the province is 357,483. It is parted in eleven cantons.

Playa Herradura is a low area-covering beach. It is situated on Central Pacific Coast of the country. It is around 6 kilometers far from northern part of a town called Jaco. In Spanish, the name of beach means "horseshoe" because the design of this bay is shaped like that. Playa Herradura has numerous hotels, camping sites, restaurants and cabins. Moreover, a number of housing facilities are available in this place in the manifestation of vacation rentals and vacation home rentals. Previously Playa Herradura was a village beach and the residents were not very well informed of the developments in the outside world. Today the beach and the surrounding village have developed a new sense of maturity as demanded by increasing tourism. The magnificent and prestigious hotel Marriott Los Suenos, with a state of the art golf course, is located on the beach.

Last Updated: Apr-26-2013