Articles - Navarre-Florida-A trip you must take before you say bye

Florida has a coastline that stretches a distance of 1,300 miles, which is the longest in USA. This state has tropical along with sub-tropical weather. There are some extraordinary beaches here. The climate of this state has earned it a nickname, which is SUNSHINE STATE. It has a population of approximately 18 million people, making it fourth state to have the maximum population. Tourism is most important part of economy of Florida, USA. Plenty of amusement parks, mild warm weather and the scenic beauty of beaches are some the reasons why 60 million tourists come here every year.

There are many attractions that are considered must visit by all of the people coming, some of those sites are-
South Beach and Siesta Key Beach are two such beaches that attract crowds in numbers as there are views that sooth the eyes of a viewer and the color of sand gives a cool feeling in the mind. Many travel magazines have ranked Siesta Key Beach number one for its facilities and a unique charm. Siesta Key Beach is close to Sarasota, Florida. There are many ways to keep a person busy such as shopping, dining, partying, clubbing and golf. Miami Beach similarly has a great variety of beautiful sand, views and surf. Many restaurants offer a sea beach view where people can have a cool time just watching other people passing by. South Florida’s tropical climate makes people to lie on the sand to soak some Vitamin-D. People in shorts and swimsuits throng in numbers here. For accommodation, vacation home rentals are always at a walking distance. The vacation rentals offer great services in little money.

An amusement park by the name of Busch Gardens pleases a family in the best manner. They offer fun activities such as animal exhibits, roller coaster rides, water rides, theatre shows, great dining experiences and tours of movie sets. The Halloween time is the best time when a family must visit here. During this time all the people who are scared of joyrides, can do much more. During Halloween, there are different types of haunted houses built throughout the premises of the park.

A museum called Ringling Museum was purchased as waterfront property in 1911. Today the same property is a home to fine art, historic artifacts, two museums that have a theme based on circuses. It adds up to the fun experience in many ways. Disney world in Epcot is the fantasy of every child. This theme park has rides, technological exhibitions, eating joints with world cuisine and beautiful architectural wonders that bring out the kid in even grown up people. This theme park has encouraged creativity and imagination. This place fills kids and their parents with amazement, inspiring stories and a feeling that they were extremely entertained.

Navarre, a minor beach community situated in North West Florida has an unspoilt white shoreline that extends twelve miles. People come to relax here and for lying on the beach sand. The seawater emerald in color looks like an ideal place to swim. Picnic and cycling on the beach are very common. North West Florida has many beaches but Navarre beach offers best facilities for snorkeling, rafting. Kayaking and fishing.

Last Updated: Apr-26-2013