Articles - Mexico - A great vacation destination

Mexico is a great holiday spot which has been delightfully amusing tourist for years. Visitors from across the globe visit the destination for all of its famed attractions. The state of Mexico is not only rich in its geographical and cultural diversity but is abundantly historically rich as well. Mexico has the whole thing which makes it a perfect place to stay for the travelers. Enjoy the scenic beauty with all the comfort and ease and be free from all the stress and anxiety. Visit the different destinations of Mexico and make your stay comfortable and secure by staying in splendid condos - villas – cottages - cabins and other thousands of staying options from the vacation rentals by Based in the heart of the city, the must see places are the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon.

Official Language - Spanish

Local currency - Mexican Peso

Transport - Rental cars, buses, train trips and taxi are all popular options. However bus travel by far is the cheapest way to travel around.

Lifestyle -

Since Mexico is a country with varied charms places like Puerto Vallarta - for adventures and sports, Oaxaca - for food lovers, Tulum - for archeological ruins, Akumal - for beaches, Cozumel - for water sports like snorkeling, kayaking, surfing and diving, Baja California- a charming destination.

Precautions -

Budget - From $35  - $200 per day.

Last Updated: Apr-27-2013