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Hyannis has turn out to be known as the Cape Cod city where the Kennedy family has its summer home, but there is more to this old New England coastal town than its famed part-time inhabitants. One of Barnstable's seven hamlets, Hyannis put forwards some wonderful, sandy beaches; golf courses; several eateries; historic residences; a extended history; and ample family-oriented amusement to fill your summer vacation.

Hyannis Beaches

In Hyannis it is a fact that you are never very distant from a good beach when you live on Cape Cod, vacation rentals in Hyannis will put you near to a number of the most admired ones. On Nantucket Sound, Craigville Beach is the biggest and for the most part well-liked beach in Hyannis. You can windsurf at Kalmus Beach; and Veterans Beach, Orrin Keyes and Sea Street Beach are open to locals and guests. Some Hyannis vacation home rentals even possess their private beaches.

Shopping in Hyannis

Famous waterfront Main Street is the heart of shopping in Hyannis, even though there is Cape Cod Mall. One can find different types of shops in Hyannis ranging from antiques to boating gear. Additional shopping locations consist of Cape Town Plaza, Southwind Plaza, and Festival at Hyannis.

Hyannis Dining

The major gastronomic appeal certainly is fresh seafood. In Hyannis you will come across an outstanding bowl of hot clam chowder, fresh lobster, first-rate scallops and definitely a unique catch of the day. With a lively port, there is abundance of fresh seafood upcoming into the restaurants and seafood stores every day. But if are not fond of seafood, Hyannis has ample more to pick from, together with your usual fast food chains, and dishes from Asia to the Mediterranean.

As much as restaurants with environment, you will come across beach side restaurants with views of ferries and sundown, on top of famous sea captains' residences that have been transformed to attractions. Hyannis is extremely active during summer, so it is best to plan ahead and book vacation rentals beforehand. Most restaurants allow casuals although a few may call for a jacket or tie. You should as well note down that all restaurants and bars are smoke free.

Other Things to Do in Hyannis

When you visit Hyannis on a vacation there is a lot to do for you. On the water, you can set out for a marina cruise, rent a fishing ferry, or take a trip to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket. There are cinema theaters for those wet days or if there is a summer chartbuster you simply can't miss. You can set off whale watching or take an excursion to grab a quick look of the Kennedy Compound.

Hyannis Accommodations and Lodging

There are different kinds of location to get accommodation in Hyannis, from historic bed and breakfasts to vacation rentals, and hotels to Hyannis vacation home rentals. Regardless of which kind of lodging you select, one thing is extremely suggested - plan beforehand. Several accommodation options will be reserved before time for summer, some beginning in January. Amongst your top alternatives for ease and solitude are Hyannis vacation rentals.

Last Updated: Apr-27-2013