Articles - Hapuna Beach- A Place That Cannot Be Forgotten

With six islands to choose from, Hawaii is probably the best place to enjoy a vacation by the beach. Miles of white sandy beaches, a tropical climate, rich culture, stunning sky and wonderful vacation rentals are some of the few good things waiting for you in Hawaii beaches and the best place to visit is the Hapuna Beach.

Ranked as the best beach in the United States and by several other travel organizations, this half a mile piece of paradise is a sight for sore eyes. Located 30 miles north of Kailua-Kona off Highway 19 Hapuna Beach is laden with beautiful white sands, crystal clear waters and several other facilities visitors are sure to enjoy their stay in Hapuna Beach’s vacation home rentals. Visitors usually spend their time swimming in the clear waters of the ocean or enjoy snorkeling at the reef. Some prefer to cool down and simply rest on the white sands of the beach soaking the warmth of the sun.

Snorkeling is a popular entertaining activity, mainly at tropical resort and scuba diving locations and this Beach has probably some of the best snorkeling facilities at both ends. You will see several large, rough rocks on either side of the beach; it is the best place for snorkeling. The water is filled with exotic marine life and good looking coral. Before you venture out to explore the beauty of Hapuna Beach make sure that the sea is calm as the place usually experiences strong winds. On soother days, this is an outstanding place for beginners to become trained in surfing. Just be cautious of the sturdy currents! In winter, when the surf is high, there are risky rip currents and thumping wave breaks. Only a professional should go into the water when the waves are bigger than three feet high. The best way to enjoy the ocean and scenic beauty of this beach is to rent vacation home rentals close to the beach.

Besides swimming and snorkeling visitors can enjoy several other fun filled activities in Hapuna Beach such as boating, fishing, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, skiing, and jet skies. If you want to exp0lore the island then take a tour and start hiking, you will not be disappointed with the beauty of this island. If you are traveling with your family and have kids then don’t forget to visit the museums, zoo, amusement park and aquariums. For those travelling with family renting vacation rentals is the best thing.

You must actually stopover at Hapuna Beach and experience firsthand to understand the beauty of the islands in Hawaii, mere words are not enough to describe it. If you plan on bringing your family or a close group of friends, or perhaps a romantic escape for just the tow of you, you will have a lifetime of unforgettable recollections to bring back with you from the most unbelievable holiday spot anywhere. Several people have such warm recollections of their trip here that they come back several times to bring back the beauty of this place and make new memories together.

Last Updated: Apr-27-2013