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If you are looking forward to a great luxurious vacation in Bude then begin your holiday by renting five bed luxury holiday home rentals and experience for yourself the true meaning of luxury. Luxury beds are just the tip of the iceberg, with wonderful amenities within your reach, several eateries and cafes located within just walking distance and a deck offering scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean- your vacation couldn’t get any better than this. Located in Northern Cornwall at the mouth of river Neet, Bude offers a diverse and unforgettable holiday experience.

Once in Bude you will understand that it is more diverse than other location in Cornwall. As Bude is located on the county border almost every major attraction and town is just within an hours drive but before you go anywhere don’t forget to explore the outstanding beaches of Bude. Known for their haunting beauty and golden sand the beaches here can easily enchant you. Whether the sea is calm or raging with foaming waves the huge differences between high tide and low tide imparts this land a unique topography. The eternal flow of tides makes it possible to go on a four mile walk to Sandymouth all along the shoreline.

As for accommodation there are scores of beach holiday rentals to choose from. Although on the outside most vacation home rentals look normal but once you step inside you will see that they are equipped with most modern amenities such as wireless internet and some gadgets. If you are planning on taking a day off from exploring the beautiful surroundings and simply want to relax then switch on the TV and watch a funny show on Sky TV. Browse through the internet and find out the history of the place and know more about the attractions of the place. If you feel hungry simply cook up a delicious meal as your beach vacation rentals comes with fully furnished kitchens.

For a romantic getaway or honeymoon there can be no better place than Bude as there are several double bed vacation home rentals in the area. The best rentals for romantic getaways are located in the centre of Bude, book one and enjoy some of the happiest moments of your life among the scenic beauty of this place.

Even though more or less every person in the region is aware about the incredible surfing and water sport opportunities in Bude, but there are not the only ones to be enjoyed. There are so many things to do in Bude that if you tried each one of them it would probably take a few months to complete all of them! Here’s a small list of the activities available- walking, cycling, surfing, horse riding, fishing, golfing, badminton, carting, archery , tennis, kayaking and the list goes on. You will never be bored during your vacation in this part of England. Bude holiday home rentals are the best place to enjoy a fulfilling holiday and relax, be it alone or with your loved ones.

Last Updated: Apr-26-2013