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The coasts of Powell River offer exciting recreational avenues to tourists who love to throng its beaches every summer for leisure and outdoor activities. The seaside includes sandy beaches, clear water, and abundance sunshine that make for a fun-filled holidays.

The district extends from Lund in the North to SalteryBay in the south covering a long sea line. The region is also surrounded by splendid mountain range and Georgia Strait. The population of the city stands at 14,035 as per the 2006 census. The area is now Vancouver Coast’s largest community and its residents are proud of the heritage that has been bestowed upon them by past generations. Tourists coming here find it exciting to witness a range of activities that involve locals as well as outsiders. The activities include scuba diving and fishing, camping and kayaking, hiking, and much more. Travelers visiting the place find the vacation rentals accommodations, Aboriginal tours, fascinating heritage, and the dynamic cultural life refreshing and invigorating. The area is endowed with natural beauty that includes mountains and sea and hence the place finds itself buzzing with one or the other kind of outdoor activity.

Hiking is one of the popular sports in the region. You can enjoy spectacular and breathtaking views from the mountain heights. Alpine hiking is one that is most popular as it incorporates terrains of easy and moderate difficulty. Many a time hikers are able to discover hidden lakes and waterfalls that make the activity even more exciting. The area is one of the few regions in Canada that get good amount of sunshine around the year. The region gets a total of 1,760 hours of sunshine round the year. (Vancouver Coast located in the South West of British Columbia is one of the regions that experience the mildest climate in Canada.)

It is easy to reach Powell River. Highway 101 passes through the city. Travel time from neighboring Vancouver, which is 88 miles away, is around 5 hours. The distance can be covered in three legs - ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale ferry, drive from Langdale to Earls Cove, and another ferry from Earls Cove to Saltery Bay.

The district has the distinction of being the only district of British Columbia Canada that has been declared as National Historic District. There are more than 400 dwellings and more than 30 business establishments that are from 1910 – 1930 eras. The city also includes Sliammon First Nation, a small village that has been a human abode since more than 200 years.

If you are visiting the city, make sure you visit some of the must-see places. This includes Sliammon Fish Hatchery and Powell River Historic Museum. Enjoy a boat ride on river Powell, the second shortest river in the world with a length of just 500 meters. The river connects with Lake Windsor, lake Goat, and Lake Powell.

Last Updated: Apr-26-2013