Top 10 Beach Vacation Destinations in the World for Your Three R’s

Are you tuckered out? Get set to cool your jets on the top ten beach vacation destinations in the world. You will find all the three R’s—Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Recreation—in them. In addition, as a good food connoisseur, you will be able to set your taste buds ablaze with local cuisines and indulge in various adventures and water sport activities. Mark any of the following beaches in your itinerary to enjoy a fabulous beach vacation:

  1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: With 60 miles of sandy shores, this beach is one of the best beach destinations in the US. It is a friendly-family destination with lots of fun activities to be enjoyed with a family, such as strolling, boating, swimming, etc.  In addition, it boasts restaurants and breweries. Florida Vacation Homes
  2. Praslin Island, Seychelles: Located in the Indian Ocean off East Africa, this is a very romantic and secluded beach. It has a mystic ambience to refuel you. It is laden with tropical rainforest and granite rocks. The activities you can indulge in are beach volleyball, canoeing and archery.
  3. St. Lucia: This is a very popular beach among all types of tourists. So, you will be able to enjoy here to the fullest regardless of your age. The activities available here include hiking to the summit, swimming in waterfalls and kayaking. Key Largo Vacation Rentals
  4. Crete, Greece: Considered as a magical isle, this beach has cool sand, plentiful of sun and rich history. You will find ancient ruins, sea turtle and turquoise lagoons. Enjoying sea views is an exciting vacation experience in this beach.
  5. Clearwater Beach, Florida: Listed in one of the Tripadvisor’s 2020 list of the best beaches in the US, this beach has white sand, crystal clear water, restaurants and souvenir shops. You can relax it its sand for hours, indulge in splish-splash activities and stir up your taste buds with locals cuisines. Kissimmee Vacation Rentals
  6. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil: Located on the northern coast of Brazil, this beach accommodates three best beaches in the world. One of them finds its position in Tripadvisor’s 2020 list of the best beaches in the world. It has crystalline water, reddish sand and lush vegetation.
  7. Grenada: Located in the Caribbean, this is a wonderful beach with silky white sand, rainforest trails and the underwater sculpture park. For tourists, it has restaurants, hotels and restrooms. It is a quiet and secluded beach, where you will find complete peace and tranquillity. Barbados Vacation Homes
  8. Maui, Hawaii: This is one of the most iconic beach destinations in the US. Its most exotic beaches include Kapalua Beach and Kaanapali Beach. In terms of natural beauty, it has palm beaches, lush greenery and prairies. Sunrises and sunsets are the amazing sights on its beaches.
  9. Bali, Indonesia: As an Indonesian island destination, this destination is famous for its beaches, coral reefs and mountains. Kelingking Beach is the best beach located here that has 500 steps.  Gunung Payung Beach is another famous beach located here. The beaches have all the basic amenities for the convenience of tourists. 
  10. Providenciales, Turks and Caicos: Famous as one of the best Caribbean beach destinations, it is home to Grace Bay Beach, which finds its position among twenty-five best beaches in the Caribbean. It has soft white sand, coral reefs and turquoise water. Beachcombing is the most enjoyable activity here.

Get set to set out to visit any of these beach destinations. All of them are equally appealing. You will certainly have the time of your life in it.

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