Thanksgiving: A Day Thanking Nature and Feast on Quality Family Time

Thanksgiving DayThanksgiving is celebrated as nation holiday in many parts of the world. The day began with a thought of giving thanks to the blessing of harvest and of the year. In the United States, traditional Thanksgiving dinner is the highlight of the event. The dinner table hosts all the loved ones including family, relatives, and friends with roast turkey, stuffing, beans, corn, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Paying special feeling of affection to the elders is rich traditional value this day people celebrated with great enthusiasm. People chat, eat, sing, dance, drink, watch TV, go for game and picnic in park, reserve fine dining restaurant or explore new tourist destination with loved one, all the key feature in Thanksgiving celebration. People thank the God and nature for what they have blessed the humanity. For the air we breathe or the water we drink or the food we eat or the light of hope that always thrive us, Thanksgiving is the day to thank for all the elements & riches we consume from the nature. Thanksgiving marks as the beginning of the fall winter vacation season or the Christmas vacations.

Thanksgiving Turkey DinnerAnnual tradition to celebrate fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day is celebrated as federal holiday in the United States of American. Parade showcasing history, culture, and tradition are highlight and morning affair followed with quality family time and family vacation. The day brings joy and exhilaration in the faces of elders and kid’s as they are going to have big family dinner together with all members of family. This beautiful day people treat themselves with the company of family member, elders, relatives, friend, colleague, and love one, thanking them for the love they have shown year round. People working outside town/city/county/state head back home to attend the traditional American dinner cooked at home served with love and enjoyed with grace and expression of high regard toward nature and elders.

Happy Thanksgiving 2022The day has long fascinating history embroiled with rich cultural, historical, traditional and religious sentiment attached with people from centauries. Nomad living in cities plans their trip back home to be with family. Tourists shuffle their bucket-list of dream vacation destinations and prepare their travel itinerary with vacation rentals websites. A beautiful home away from home in tourist destination can bring delightful comfort with privacy and luxury.

The next day to Thanksgiving is followed by Black Friday, the day when all America shops. Black Friday traditionally marks the start of Christmas shopping. The United States is filled with many shopping destination satisfying the lust for shopping. Branded showrooms, luxury boutiques and posh market places filled with established brands. Yet, Thanksgiving holds special place in the hearts of each American. Everybody tends to hurry back home to celebrate the day with loved one. People show token of respect, appreciation, admiration, praise, and thank to all the persons they know and also to whom they feel who/she is out somewhere there making efforts for the betterment of environment and nature.

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